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#51 reversedracula



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Posted 01 June 2004 - 07:23 PM


1) It won't be "your hall" anymore. You'll be spread out across campus, Mr. elite task force.
2) I didn't realize you had THREE Tornados...
3) Stretch the spring on your PVC Chainblazer and make sure your goop seal is good; take the rubber thing off of the internal housing, dremel out the purple part and connect the PVC to the hole directly at that point. You'll get AT3k, SM3k, or splitfire modded distances with that sucker for stock micros. I tried putting in a second stock Chainblazer spring but I couldn't pull the handle back. Remind me to show you how to effectively hold a Chainblazer with one hand with minumal tension or strain on the fingers as you grip it.
4) I reserve the right to ban said gun and mine if the need arises. That thing outdoes my banded, de-restrictored Nite Finder every time.
5) I'm recruiting you to put up fliers next year and to get your little elite squad to stanrt evangilising our "little" games, as they seem better socially-adapted than some of my crew sometimes can be...
6) Tell me more about this Sharpshooter 2 mod... weird. I've noticed mine's been quirky when I try to stuff it with crayolas for micros. (Same pressure from spring - larger ammo = same power into smaller focus = essentially more power.)
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#52 CheeseNerfer



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Posted 01 June 2004 - 09:33 PM

Here's mine:

PC: removable clip, air restrictors removed and bike tubed bladder.
RF20: air restrictors removed, bike tubed bladder, removable clip mod (broke after I took it apart, skips every 4 shots)
NF: crayola with black petg over, removed light added laser pointer with trigger off/on, and removed air restrictors.
TT: painted black, air restrictors removed. (currently dissasembled(I lost the spring)).
Fast Blast: painted black, removed air restrictors, cut down barrel lenght and improved range and accuracy?(yes I know it's weird)
Secret Strike: removed air restrictor.
Max D modified super soaker: barreled it, removable pump/shell, unbelievable ranges.

I also have three other NF in my posession to modify them for my friends.
small but adequate for me. :blush:

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#53 sporkboyofjustice



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 11:21 AM

OK to be fair I'll only list guns in working condition. Some of them are modded but most are not.

Wild Fire
2 AT 3000
2 First Shot
5 SM1500 (4 old, one new)
2 Triple Shot
Lightning Blitz
Blast Fire
Sharp Shooter 2
PC w/extra clip
Original Ball Blaster
5 AT 2000
Vortex Tornado X/2
3 Vortex Tornado
Vortex Firestorm
SM 3000 Blue
2 SM 3000 Yellow
Mad Hornet
Fast Blast
SM 750
AT 1000
Blast Bazooka

50 in all.
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#54 CheeseNerfer



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 07:30 PM

Holy shit I only have six in perfect working order, but they are all modified in some way. :o
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#55 Crankymonky


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Posted 02 June 2004 - 08:33 PM

How well does the q-tip gun work? Cheap ammo, no labor!

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#56 thethirteenthour



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 09:40 PM

The q-tip gun doesn't work terribly well, it's more for laughs.

It was my friend's idea, because we had an old sharpshooter II lying around that didn't work well. The o-ring was falling apart, so the darts would only go about 10 feet. It was a really easy mod, we just hot-glued a cut-down drinking straw into each of the holes at the end of the plunger tube so it fires both barrels at once. Q-tips fit perfectly, but they aren't practical in a war. They only go about 25 feet before spinning wildly down to the floor, but it's good for surprise value and fun to have around the dorm. I mean who's seriously expecting a q-tip gun? I suppose if I replaced the o-ring I would have a decent gun, but then again, you can't expect too much from q-tips.

If you were hardcore I'm sure you could rig up a shotgun effect with a huge bundle of straws, but that's a little off-topic for the arsenals section.
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#57 sporkboyofjustice



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Posted 03 June 2004 - 09:41 AM

Holy shit I only have six in perfect working order, but they are all modified in some way. <_<

Keep in mind that most of those are unmodded so they are easier to keep in good shape.

As for the Q-tip gun I'd be concerned about it's safety, you could really hurt someone if you shot them in the ear. This is why you need ear shields while playing airsoft. Aside from that it's a pretty cool idea.
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