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Apocalypse 2011 recap thread

Because we need another APOC thread

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#26 Pearson2



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Posted 09 August 2011 - 06:27 PM

Well, back in Canada safe and sound, planning for hell. Looking back on Apoc there were a lot of good times.
- Getting to see Chops, Gears, Langley, Lego, Vacc etc etc again
- All the nice compliments on the Redneck Hunting Rifle. Surprisingly it didnít break, nothing did actually.
- Wingmaning it up with Chops for a few rounds, seems like last year at both Apoc and Hell we were always on opposite sides
- A long back and fourth battle with Coop which turned into a gentlemanís duel. I loved too how we had an audience for it
- Coopís sense of humor for the most part is hilarious. I hope you can make it up to Canada for a war, youíre a blast to nerf with.
- I really enjoyed the concept of Carpe Testicles or whatever it was called. I think it needed a few minor tweaks (more buckets, possibly 3 or 4 teams instead of 2, and different spawn points) but overall it was a cool concept. That being said I donít think I used my gun much in that round, I was too busy running suicides
- The one round where K10, Vacc and myself ran the table and cleared out an entire team. Some rounds darts just seem to go right where you want them
- Pulling off the outdoor slide kill in that round. Not as much fun as after a big rain storm but I still love pulling off the baseball slide
- End of the first round pulling a firing squad on the remaining members of the other team
- My favorite story of the weekend. Random Kid: AngelÖ. Is that your original doomslayer? Angel: Yeah kid. But there is no L in it. Random kid: OhÖ.. ok. Is that your origina doomslayer?
- Slug Darts. Sorry everyone, not a fan
- I hope vacc wasnít pissed with the makeshift slugs I made. All I heard was it needed something covering the dome. Oops.
- Random BS before and after the warÖ.. we almost thought we lost Rambo, but thatís another story, and what happened to Gears royally sucks. Specially because it happened to such a nice guy
- People werenít taking their hits, especially during carpe testicularum, kinda soured the game for me.
All in all was good to see everyone again. I hope a lot of you can make it up for Hell in October to get a taste of how us Canucks run a big war.
Thanks again to Vacc and the LGLF for all their hard work.
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#27 Jilliop



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Posted 09 August 2011 - 08:46 PM

Whoever's mother is named Sharon (?), my mother would like to thank you for the directions and making conversation and being a good person :) Sorry to be off topic.
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#28 KaneTheMediocre


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Posted 10 August 2011 - 03:14 AM

So, that was by far the largest and farthest nerf war I've ever been to. By about a factor of 2 on both counts compared to the Ohio Rev.

+Only having to play deathmatch once
+Proving the midwest>all in the clan round where we won by walking away for 45 minutes and occasionally firing. I was shot once, and shot someone once during that time period, and my hopper exploded prior to the final charge.
+Carpe seemed to work well once we got our groove back
-40ish people showing up to play Carpe when we were halfway through setting up.
+VACC is SO much louder than Ryan and I, and he lent his volume to objective recruiting on more than one occasion.
+Seeing a stampede with enough range to be dangerous.
+Seeing that Koree has the bullpump prototype working well. The shorter barrel looks a bit odd, but I can't argue with the results.
+Actually bringing a lunch to the war
+Somehow fitting all our mobstacles in my corolla.
+Jlego has a sweet shop.
+Meeting some east-coast people, mostly telling them they're wrong about everything. Super chill bros, no hard feelings had.
+Bro-diddle at the LGLF HQ.

+-Ryan helping me make rubber darts (which was an unreasonable amount of work), then not using them.

-Never really met the canadians. Would have liked to tell them that they're wrong about everything as well.
-40ish people showing up to play Carpe when we were halfway through setting up.
-WTF darts, including washer-domes, conventional deathdarts, and the tiny pad on a giant deathdart.
-My face is falling off because I don't wear sunscreen at nerf wars. I should invest in a sombrero.
-I think I have poison ivy on my arms, but not much.
-8 hours sleep in 72 hours of wtf roadtrip.
-SUPER dead at the end of the last carpe round. Let my team down a bit.
-Having to bring mobstacles a million miles.
-Wind, as always, doesn't get on well with mobstacles.
-Actually typing up rules, then leaving them in my car.
-New Jersey.
-Didn't get around to taking Jlego's measurements for a cyborg nerf arm.

This was the first war test of the homemade rubber domes, so that deserves a report:
+My rubber darts, which are in no way associated with any unholy conglomerate, flew for miles
-My rubber darts have varied range out of hoppers (50-120' flat-ish, 50-23947529384' angled) which limited my ranged accuracy
-Ryan's hopper couldn't feed them consistently, let alone use them accurately
+Got great reviews from people that don't use hoppers.
I'll post more on that somewhere that it's more appropriate

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#29 VACC


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Posted 10 August 2011 - 08:31 AM

Oh, before I forget, I would also like to thank the brave, and generally bored out of their minds, men and women of the Oakhurst PD for sending someone out who knew what the hell he was doing. The one and only time we've ever been ejected from Deal (or any jersey park for that matter) the guy was clearly a rookie and afraid for his job. The Officer who pulled up, less than 5 minutes into the first round to my horror, knew what we were doing and just wanted my name and number. So for everyone bashing Jersey, the nerf hub of the universe for the past 15 fucking years, suck a bunch of cocks.

- Either have a schedule in mind, or make everyone think that you do. You should never be asking your guests what they want to do; you need to have a plan before they sit down and start to bullshit.

- When you get done with a round, imediately get moving towards the next. If you have 10 minutes of downtime as a host, the rest of the nerfers will end up with 15 - 20. If you give yourself 0 downtime, everyone else will stay in the 5-10 minute range.

- Have an agenda. Either a progression of fields, game types, or team groupings gives you a goal that you can work towards during the day. If you have multiple fields to play, think about which ones fit which game types, and how you can move through them in a logical and efficient manner. Think about what rounds are best run early in the day when everyone needs to warm up, and what rounds require more energy and should not be run last or right before lunch.

- Be flexible, but decisive. If most of your nerfers dislike a field or game, be willing to scrap it, but YOU make that decision, and YOU decide how to course correct. Don't let your war turn into a democracy. Good Nerf wars are benevolent dictatorships.

- A cohost is not a bad idea. Someone equally knowledgealbe, and on the same page is a huge help when plans must be altered. Just don't let the command group grow into a commune, and make sure one person has the final say.

There are other things, but it all comes down to being a knowledgable and athoratative host.
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#30 The Nerfaholic

The Nerfaholic


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Posted 25 August 2011 - 08:39 PM

You know. A lot of people took pictures and video on the side lines of the war, but a very small amount of pictures and videos were uploaded. Darn.
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#31 DICE134



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Posted 03 October 2011 - 03:10 PM

Apoc was an awesome war and my first. I had a lot of fun and plan to go to other apocs as well as other wars.
I also want to thank VACC and any other hosts for hosting it. Lets go over pros and cons

1. met a ton of awesome modders
2. kinda made some friends
3. got tips on how to do stuff
4. playing U3 objective
5 team death
6. saw a lot of cool guns
7. playing gunslinger
8. got a nick name (DICE)
9. there was so many things, I can't think of anymore


1. in one round I got out in two minuites
2. didn't get to play capture the flag

anyway It was awesome

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