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Nerf in the Nude

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#1 CA13


    Nude Nerfer

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Posted 18 April 2011 - 02:34 AM

In the spirit of "Plastic-Safe Lubricants", I hereby start a new thread.

A new dimension has appeared for you every morning, provided that your day-to day state of clothedness has been completely binary and you believe in quantum mechanics.

I see Nude nerf as bliss. Darts can, and will, find their places, lodge into any orifice that will provide them the chance. A shot dart landing between the buttcheeks is quite satisfying at times (don't judge me) and if I had a fat friend I'd imagine a vulcan turning him into a porcupine of nerf darts, with rolls holding untold amounts of foam and sweat providing a sort of flypaper adhesive quality to his haunches.

When I play nude nerf, it is almost always with a friend, and it can be the product of strip-nerf- fighting, where you must remove an article of clothing when you are hit by a dart (and the attacker must give you 60 seconds to realign yourself and get a bit more comfortable. This new naked-nerf combo brings more importance in darts being caught in cleavages. Furthermore, hickeys and hits are pretty indistinguishable after few hours, and a k9 special or the modified BB you always had now seems a bit more intimidating.

If anyone's into competition, nude nerf is easy to keep track of. The person with the least amount of welts on their person wins the game, and the person who is first to get naked in the strip=nerf duel beforehand is also a loser.

The only downside to naked nerf is that there's no holsters, no ammo pouches, and no body armor for people to tacticlol Nerf combat with. So I guess it becomes more of a double edged sword.

Anyone have any experience with semi-clothed Nerf? Sure, it's more of a niche market when compared to Super Soaker skinny dipping, but still, I'd like to hear from more people about the wonders of this.

also, people here are desperate bastards, so in the meantime i'll be asking for permission from my friends to post some pictures of the games in action.

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Doing this as I speak. I have no idea when I got it...my DAD got it some 15 years ago, but that doesn't matter. Anyways, it keeps jerking around all over the place. I try to hold it with a rag...It doesn't look like...much.

#2 Langley


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Posted 18 April 2011 - 02:47 AM

Thats got to be the most elaborate forum suicide letter I've ever read. Do not pass go, do not resurface in 9999days, go directly to PERMABANNED.
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You can poop in my toilet anytime champ.

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Posted 18 April 2011 - 01:40 PM

I think I played that game with bob once
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