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Secondary Fire Mode On Bolt-action Rifle

functions as a shotgun, Grenade,or rifle

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Posted 13 March 2003 - 05:26 PM

I am the kind of person who is never satisfied. So I wanted more than just a badass loser rifle. I thought it a shame to have all that empty space below the barrel of my bolt action rifle go to waste. I decided to add a secondary fire option to the gun that would launch a grenade or act as a shot gun or something along those lines

I ran across this old turned aluminum bike seat post I had got from work a few years ago. It has a main diameter of about 1 inch but tapers smoothly to about 11/16" a the tip. I figured this would a great way to make a shotgun. By loading 9 or 10 1" long 5/8" stefans into it. They fire out consecutively when pressure is put behind them.

I almost completely dismantled the rifle to install the canister. I put a male 1/2" peice of threaded PVC in the end of the aluminum canister. In the stock below the barrel I put the female end attached to an endcap. A brass ball valve was placed directly behind the threaded coupling. this valve switches the flow and allows gas to flow into the canister for the secondary fire mode. the trigger works both fire modes and they both run off the same CO2. The barrel stock had to be remade completely to fit the new equipment. it is about .3" taller than before. Hardly noticalble. A modified vinyl T was placed in main gas line and routes the gas to the sceondary fire sytem.

To use the system a plugged shell has to be inserted into the breach and locked in to prevent the gas from escaping out the barrel. I was unable to find a small 1/2" to 3/8" switch to use. If I could find something to use as a switch the plugged shell and the ball valve could be eleiminated. If anyone knows of where to find a small Y-switch let me know.

When fired the 1" darts come out in 2, 3, or 4 round bursts depending on how many you push into the canister. It is truely semi automatic; all you have to do to fire a nother burst is pull the trigger again. you can get about 3 - 3 round bursts or 5 - 2 round bursts. If you load normal loser rounds intot eh canister you can get about 4 rounds. They come out one at a time. So there are many options you could choe. Since the canister is removable I made a barrel of 3/4" diameter for greanade launching. I have nothing to shoot out of it just yet. The 1" stefans are made of 5/8" FBR and are weighted with only hot glue on the tip. they do not go very far when shot but they do scatter a lot to get a true shotgun effect. When normal darts are loaded you achieve about 50 feet of distance for each shot. I hope to find something to use as a genade soon. The arrows will work good but I don`t have any with me at my apratment.

So you can use the secondary fire mode as a shot gun, semi-automatic 3-round burst, semi-sutomatic rifle, or a grenade launcher.

While I had the rifle apart I did an overhaul on it. I replaced the hose with new hose, replaced the old wooden bolt knob with a new black aluminum one. the metal one feels much more solid. I also gave the gun a new paintjob to fix all the little nicks it had. It has gained a significant amount of weight with the addition of the new equipment. But it still feels great in your hands.

New pics here:


New pics under Phase 7
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#2 neonerfer



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Posted 17 March 2003 - 12:58 AM

That's really fucking cool. I love the idea of the "automatic/bursty-type" method you're doing with that bike seat. A working grenade launcher could be very fun. I've made a few grenades in my day, and my favorite on is "the pvc grenade." It's basically a grenade made out of pvc with a spring to propell the ammo and a cork or something similar in the top. It is weighted on the bottom and uses small ammo, such as airsoft BB's, beads, or cut up peices of hot glue. My current grenade has a working pen, and they are very reliable and work very well. Sorry I don't have pictures or a detailed write-up of them as of now, I haven't thought about them in a while. If you're interested, expect to see a writeup in a week or less. I'll submit it to NH.
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