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Internal Air Compressor Magstrike (nerf Modification)

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#1 Fu-BJ



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Posted 11 February 2011 - 03:58 AM

Hey guys.

It's littlebro05 from Brisbane here. You would of probably seen a few air compressor modifications that have been added on with certain Nerf Blasters. For example, the renowned SGNerf who successful modified a magstrike to take an air compressor. However, from what I know, no one has actually installer a compressor INSIDE the magstrike.

Here is the video of it. All specs and features are explained within the video below.

Just as a quick overview. It operates very much similar to SG Nerf's Air Compressor strike so if you're wondering what's inside, it's basically the same - minus the inbuilt compressor.

http://modworks.blog...compressor.html - Courtesy of modworks by SGNerf (if you want this link remove, contact me via youtube account of BrisbaneNerfGroup)

Here are a few pictures of it below. These are just screenshots from the video overview on this modification. This modification is done by phuonguyen from oznerf (Australian Nerf Community) and all credits and effort goes to him. He is one of my high school buddies. I was with him when I filmed this for him and we were bored lol.

The Internal Air Compressor Magstrike
Posted Image

The on/off switch.
Posted Image

Pressure gauge (35PSI is max pressure before you'd probably blow it.
Posted Image

Tamiya connector
Posted Image

12V 3800mAh Airsoft / RC Battery
Posted Image

The compressor motor.
Posted Image

If you want this commission follow the info box displayed below on the video link. You'll be seeing more modifications every now and again soon :).

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#2 shmmee



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Posted 11 February 2011 - 09:02 AM

That's pretty smooth looking. Hope you don't mind if i have some questions:

Did you keep any of the bladder to level out the air pressure, or does the compressor have enoug volume to maintain the needed pressure?

Did you keep the valve trigger, or has it been replaced with an electronic switch to the compressor.?

Does it run on the same pressure as it did stock?

What kind of batteries and voltages are used?

How many clips can you fire from a full charge?

Sorry i'm at work and cant get to youtube through the firewall. I'd like to see some pics of the internals to see how it all fits together if it's at all possible.

May i suggest that you scale down the pictures a bit? Pictures needing a horizontal scroll bar are often met with mockery.

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#3 utahnerf



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Posted 11 February 2011 - 03:28 PM

Also can we get some internal pictures please? Good job on the mod, I like the switch.

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#4 Fu-BJ



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Posted 11 February 2011 - 04:45 PM

The internals looks basically exactly like the SGNerf Air Compressor Modification. However, if you look very carefully you can actually see the air compressor that has been carefully integrated into where the MS pump was (i.e. the metal like motor thing. I'll highlight in red what I mean in the picture below.

Posted Image

It's basically 'internal', but you could say it's a minimisation modification also for an air comrpessor modification. The cord then is linked to a schrader valve (bike tire valve) which is connected to the bladded (very similar to SGNerf's design [there's a link of what I mean in the first post])

You probably know that carrying a 12V mini car battery with a full size mini compressor is fairly cumbersome. Where as this has been minimised by installing the compressor internally, there's no need for a backpack to hold your blaster together.

If you guys are wondering about the issue of the 'exposed cogs'. It's been to a few wars and has hit a few 'humid / rainy' days but the compressor is still going strong. However, we will probably covering it up with some plastic and spray paint it :).

If you're wondering how much it weighs, I think it's about 6lbs (about 2.7kg - 3kg). Maybe 8pounds. However it's much more compact and would be great for indoor wars and what not :D. Combined with my friend who modified this blaster, we have a combined total for 10 MS clips :).
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