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Posted 03 February 2011 - 04:42 AM

Date: Feb 19th
Location: Hensel Park, 200 Nagle Street, College Station, Tx
Time: noon to dark

Captain America
Fish Sammich
Tallahassee Zombieland

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We won't be doing any particularly complicated game types, as this is the first NIC style war we will be attempting.

Gametypes might include simple 3-15, meatgrinder, DTC (maybe), CTF, Wingmen, Gunslingers Heaven, and anything else reasonably simple. Expect some melee rounds.

I am not positive what this group's ranges are like, so if you come make sure you bring a primary with lower (80ish) ranges in case I have to impose an on the spot range limit.

Lunch has not been planned out yet, although there are numerous nearby restaurants/fastfood joints.

Here is how I am running pistol rounds:
Pistolsplats are not considered pistols in pistol only rounds unless they have a RSCB or shotgunloaded speedloaders to limit ranges. Nitefinders are okay within reason.

Pistols is 3-15 with Mavericks, Nitefinders, Pistolsplats (as noted above), Tek6s, Tek4s, etc. Ranges need to be under 60 or so. I will allow pistol'd Recons, although you can have a max of 2 6rd clips. Clips on NFs/PSs can hold no more then 3 darts. Wingmen is the same except people are in teams of 2. We might try 2 teams if we have the time (we probably will).

The xploderz thing is okay if it is RSCB'd.

If anything in there is incorrect, correct me.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: The War happened, it was fun. I am not making this a new post because I don't want to bump the thread.

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If you wish to post anything HvZ related, here ya go.

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Posted 03 February 2011 - 05:11 PM

Speaking from experience, 100' + shooting primaries should be fine. I should be bringing a couple AAbows for general use if anyone is interested. Also, put me down as a definite unless something comes up.
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