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Problems With Nf

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#1 shirtninjas



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Posted 08 January 2010 - 03:59 AM

Issue 1:
I've been overhauling my NF recently and everything's gone pretty well (changing the flashlight to IR led's, adding a laser pointer with a switch, etc.) The seemingly complicated stuff works fine. But when I tried to replace the barrel, I'm suddenly getting 10-15' ranges, rather than the 30-35 I had before. I've looked for leaks, but I can't find anything. I added a brass barrel and removed everything back to the plunger tube and hot glued around the whole seam. I even put a straw down the barrel and sealed around it so the air would go straight into the dart, but that only added maybe a foot or two. Any ideas? (I'll post pics if necessary.)

(note: if this type of problem has been answered a million times, feel free to direct me there. I tried searching but didn't find anything that helped.)

Issue 2:
I keep hearing about adding an Ace #49 spring to make it shoot farther, so I got one. The only problem is, it's an extension spring, rather than the compression spring that comes with the gun? How do I put it on? I searched for this as well but all I find are threads recommending the spring, never threads explaining the mod.
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#2 nostyleguy



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Posted 08 January 2010 - 04:49 AM

what diameter of brass did you use? what kinda darts are you using? Sounds like a bad dart fit issue to me. typically 17/32" brass is used on stock darts.

Or perhaps the barrel is too long. i tried CPVC'ing a NF and a 4" barrel with about 1" of coupler was too long (the dart never made it all the way out before being slowed down). i made a brass version and it seems to work very well.

If neither is the case, and there are honestly no leaks in the seal (hot glue isn't a very good sealant, you should also add plumbers goop or equivalent), then i'd assume there is a problem with the plunger head or tube. maybe there is a crack?

Also about the Ace spring. Unfortunately you bought the wrong one. There is no (easy) way to use an extension spring in replacement for a plunger tube spring. The #49 thing doesn't seem to apply to all ACE's, and the one by me doesn't carry handyman springs at all. i found a very nice 2 pack of C-836 (or some such number, don't have the package anymore) springs that work, but they aren't #49 or anything. You really just need to shop smart and find a spring that looks like it will fit in your tube and isn't so strong that it will break everything. Trust me there were some pretty tempting compression springs that coulda passed for bike shocks that i wanted to try, but i used better judgment and passed.

sorry for the ramble. its 4:45AM and i'm having a bout of insomnia. Hope i helped a little.
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#3 Vinnie D

Vinnie D


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Posted 08 January 2010 - 06:12 AM

10 feet? I think you should be getting better than that even with a stock barrel. Your barrel must either be way too wide or way too long for that to be the issue. Check your plunger head. Did you remove, stretch, or deform the O ring? If so that would cause the plunger to slow down drastically.

One nerfer posted a nitefinder with extension springs. You just add them to the outside to pull the priming rod in, just as you would with rubber bands or bungies. But this looks like you're not getting much air to the dart. There's something big you've missed and the spring isn't the issue.
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#4 popatachi



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Posted 08 January 2010 - 08:07 AM

The #49 extension spring is a Century Brand spring. Some Ace Hardware stores carry Century instead of Ace brand. The Ace Brand #49 is a compression spring.

If you're looking for a replacement, try Home Depot's #9713 springs. These are a little longer than the NF's spring so you will either need to cut it down a little or extend the draw.
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#5 Mod Man

Mod Man


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Posted 08 January 2010 - 02:21 PM

Hey all,
Home Depot is switching over from Prime line #9713 to the new spring Bob posted.
The #49 ace compression spring is a Hillman Fastener product. I don't think Hillman springs are supplied by Century since the product lines don't match up to well. I may be wrong, spring tech. sometimes confuses my grey area.
When upgrading springs in your favorite blaster remember to reinforce where and when you can.
Later on, Mod
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