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Help With My Rscb

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Posted 02 September 2009 - 08:51 AM

As for funneling. I think I'm the only one that actually does that. But I've found that it is a simple and effective mod. It gives a much smoother transition into the barrel, reduces the turbulence at that point as it does not create any backpressure. And it makes it that much easier to load a dart. It I think is a very important step when doing the RSCB because it also helps direct the dart.

I do this as well. I go as far as actually funneling the PVC in addition to the barrel material. In the below pic, the PVC was funneled by twisting wire cutters into the end (the sides are sharp enough to shave the PVC) and the brass was flared with the same thing except it more bent the brass then removed material.
Posted Image
I've never used an RSCB without a barrel like this, so I'm not sure how much it helps. All I know is that my RSCB's rarely jam.

Sweet! All I have to do is go to Home Depot and find my dad's wire cutters. I am not gonna be able to get the stuff for a while because today I start school.
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