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Nerfcenter, I Need Help

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#26 Grinch



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Posted 02 February 2004 - 11:47 PM

Hey guys, just a note to let you know that I occassionally lurk on these boards to keep afoot of what's going on in the Nerf community. And stop plotting to steal my domains! :lol:

Here's the message I just sent cxwq (which answers most of the questions posed in this thread):


We recently switched servers, and I haven't had time to re-upload the Nerfcenter files to the new server. They'll probably be up within the week.

I occasionally stop by NerfHaven to see what's up with the Nerf community, and I noticed some people talking about mirroring the Nerfcenter content on other web sites. Please clarify to them that this is not okay - Nerfcenter will be up again shortly, and I would strongly prefer all of our original content to remain on the NC site.

Also, if any one wants to get ahold of me, have them e-mail agrau@iproductions.net - the NC address is still working, but occasionally it mis-routes mail.


So, um yeah. Nerf on!

::dissappears into the shadows again::

Why don't you put up the NerfCenter that was supposed to be released last summer? That'd be awesome if you could.
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#27 Andy



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Posted 03 February 2004 - 12:50 AM

Okay, here's the last public announcement that I'll make on this matter until summer rolls around. Nerfcenter will be up and running in its previous archive format ASAP, probably within the next week. As for other people running NC, that is a possibility which will be fleshed out and considered via private e-mail. Obviously I would want the original members of TeamNC to give their input on any major decisions made about the site, and I really don't see that being a concrete possibility until a few months from now when our schedules free up.

Whatever the decision of this matter is, I'll have contacts on NerfHaven and within the NIC to keep everyone informed about the status of Nerfcenter. I still have the partially completed revamp on my hard drive somewhere, and I really wanted to get that live while we were working on Nerfcenter.

Anyways, this is the last I'll post on this matter for now, so any other comments directed at me should be sent to agrau@iproductions.net.

And remember, it's still Nerf or Nothin'. :lol:

[A.Grau] :: TeamNC
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Andy Grau

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Posted 03 February 2004 - 08:14 PM

As far as the open::nerf project goes, essentially it exists. Nerf Evolved has been around for what a year now? And was in development for over a year before that, it is essentially what you planned to do with open::nerf. I think Andrew/Sandman talked to you about it in the past.

And were always evolving it, ahem, improving it... ^_^
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