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What Makes A Good Battlefield?

What do you like about the places you nerf?

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#26 VACC


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Posted 22 July 2008 - 12:58 PM

Seems to me like that's a loaded question. I'm pretty sure you know I vowed never to go back to Tindal for nerf again. It's really just a series of injuries waiting to happen tempered by play areas that have trouble supporting 15 people. I don't care for it.
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#27 Langley


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Posted 22 July 2008 - 01:30 PM

Fair enough. I didn't know you'd taken an oath or anything, I just knew you weren't a big fan of the place. I'm not really that interested in nerfing there anymore myself, mostly because I don't live in that neighborhood anymore. In any case I think the park can support well over 15 people, as it has once or twice in the past. I'm not sure why we never spread out more when you were around, but in previous years we used the entire area between the hill and the parking lot. The problem is that once you start to expand out of small areas like the hill and the obstacle course, there aren't any intermediate boundaries to keep people from running all over the whole park. As we found out when the Philly kids showed up to GnomeFEST, it can get pretty tiresome when people start roaming all over the place.

As for the injuries, I guess there are always going to be people wiping out on those cables.

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Posted 22 July 2008 - 02:41 PM

Others have said this, but I'd like to reiterate.

A good field should provide the players with lots of different opportunities to try different things. Nobody likes a field where the only two options are charge or camp, that gets old really quickly. The same is true if there is a bottleneck. Anytime there's one way to a location it just becomes a rush to that location. The thing i like about the indoor location we generally use at PC (Neville Hall) is that there's always another way to get somewhere, and each floor has it's own set of alcoves and places to hide. Indoor wars generally pet an emphasis on movement rather than marksmanship, while outdoor wars generally require much more precise shooting. It's a matter of how close you are able to get your opponent before the shooting starts.

I like to see a field that has the option of either a charge across an open field or a slower approach behind cover or most of the way. I'd rather be outmaneuvered than outshot, but that's just me.
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Posted 22 July 2008 - 10:06 PM

I really didn't want to post in this thread because the intimidation of all the older members...but I needed to say something. I feel that a good nerfing area should have:
1. A near parking lot to where you nerf
2. A lot of shade
3. A near staging area
4. Different area's that are nearby so that if someone doesn't want us nerfing there
we could always move to a different area quickly
5. If it is a long war, a lot of places to eat that are nearby
6. A field that has not only areas with different amounts of cover (trees, benches, trash cans? etc.) but
a field that also has open spaces and stuff like that.
7. A field that has a bathroom nearby

EDIT: Here's a link to the park on google maps: http://maps.google.c...4zrJ7x3IrrlmSHw

Of course, all these ideas come from a park that I know of, it's a park that is usually used alot, yet doesn't have that many playground type equipment, I know sometimes games are held there because there are basketball courts.
If I can, I'll try to get pictures, but the park mainly has a parking lot (1 small one, or at least 1 that I know of) then it is surrounded by a farm (? I don't really know what it is, they don't really grow anything there, just keep horses, sometimes people go around with their horses...that's kind of bad because depending on when they go around there's alot of horse crap) so the park is in the shape of a rounded square (good for cornering) in the middle there is a playing field (for little kids, slides, swings etc.) then there is a big field and a restroom, multiple shaded picnic areas and an area where there are alot of trees. There is also another area that has a dirt floor where the horses go, but i'm not sure we're allowed on that as it doesn't seem to be part of the park.

The only disadvantages I find about this park is:

1. Cops go there alot, and if I (we) decide to nerf at this field (this is turning into something) then the cops might think that we're using paintball guns etc. and kick us out.
Luckily, there is another park nearby...although I've only seen it once so I have no idea what it's like
2. There's usually horse crap everywhere (that means the sidewalks only as horses aren't usually allowed to go into the park area, just around it)

Getting back on track.......
I say that a nerfing area should have (all that i've listed above) and maybe...a place that cops don't go to alot...



So maybe I should have started a thread about how to host a good war.

You probably should because I "hosted" a nerf war on my birthday and most of the time, I had to repeat things several times because most people weren't listening (now I know how teachers feel in middle school........) and maybe you can post how to be stricter...? (spelling)...

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#30 analogkid



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Posted 22 July 2008 - 10:12 PM

Variety is key here. When biofreak2 and I had USNO (which was all neighborhood kids because no one here could make it) we had an awesome setup. We had the entire grounds of an elementary school, with plenty of staircases and corners to hide around. Also, we had the playground with a fort like thing in the middle. Behind the school there are a bunch of trails that lead to a man made pond in the woods. We used the entire grounds, finishing the Deathmatch round on opposite sides of the pond, 70 ft away from each other, firing with our long range weapons. It was two on one, biofreak and a neighborhood kid who is very good vs. me(I won). Having all the different terrain made the war very interesting.
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#31 Falcon


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Posted 23 July 2008 - 11:10 AM

The biggest problem with locations we have is that we have too many.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had that problem, eh?

There are approx. eight elementary schools in Glendora, only two of which really don't seem nerfable. Glendora's school district has grown in population dramatically in the past si or seven years, so almost every school has a cluster of portables somewhere. I find that groups of modular buildings at schools give the running space, cover, and general field play that most people are looking for.

One of our favorite things to look for is an area with elevation changes. At Walnut High School, where Armageddon started out this year, the school is on a slope, so there were occasional 3-step rises in the ground elevation. Not that exciting. But the school also has several 2nd-story classrooms, so staircases up to long running balconies force you to look UP as well as around, and offer options for circumventing the standard head-on rush, as well as opening up additional avenues of fire.

At Sellers, one of our personal favorite elementary schools in G-Town, the portables are cut into a grassy hill. We love it; the hill is somewhat steep, so you can go up or down ~10 feet vertically by running about 12 feet horizontally, in a matter of a few seconds in some places. The hill also, of course, necessitates a staircase or two as well as some wheelchair ramps, which in turn require handrails. All of this adds together to provide a concrete stair and wheelchair clusterfuck of rails in the middle of the whole place. Changes in elevation provide additional cover through simply crouching, and rails, when used the right way, are impossible to shoot through. But all it takes for an opponent to take away that advantage is to move a few feet to the side, and it changes things. Our areas (sand Walnut High) are typically fairly small. But we prefer that, really, because when the average YANO/CAFF attendance drops to around 12-14 players on occasion, you still have to stay on your feet and analyze the whole field. If we played at walnut with 10 people, you'd spend 80% of the round looking for people.

So what do we look for in a playing area?

Of course we want cover. Of course we want open space to run. But what we're looking for most is something that will keep us on our toes, make us play out of the box, and come up with new ideas to make it work.
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