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ok...is it really worth it?

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#1 TualatinNerfer



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Posted 29 November 2003 - 10:01 PM

Ok.. it seems like these days everyone is using petg for barrels. i want to know, is petg cheaper, price per foot, than brass, including shipping.

I forgot who was selling the petg. Who is selling it now?
Um...My biggest beef against petg is sending my money to somebody i don't know. I just want to know how everyone else is feeling about petg. it it worth buying, or what?

P.S. I am using at2k's and at3k's. Planning on getting a TT or two.
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#2 cxwq



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Posted 30 November 2003 - 12:30 AM

If you want to multi-barrel mod the 3k, it will be a bunch easier with PETG given that your darts are .5" micro stefans. The barrel rotation mechanism is a lot more consistent if your replacement barrels are no heavier than the stock barrels.

For the 2k it's a judgement call. You can see at a glance which barrels are loaded if you use PETG but you might get slightly better distance, depending on fit, with brass.

For the TT, you'd be better off with nested brass than PETG because it's a spring gun.

Iron Rhino is selling PETG and I wouldn't have a problem trusting him with your $10 or whatever he's charging for a minimum order. He bought his PETG from me and it's an excellent size for FBR that's exactly .5" or very slightly smaller.
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