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The Global Warming Swindle Video

- An interesting video that was shown to me.

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#26 The Infinite Shindig

The Infinite Shindig


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Posted 26 March 2008 - 08:12 PM

We have um, this rule against topics that embrace politics. While the issue of global warming is scientific, it is also political. I'm going to give a general warning to just keep this out of the political realm, and ask that people keep things under control. If you can't, this gets closed. It's really that simple.
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#27 Richomundo



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Posted 26 March 2008 - 11:38 PM

Global Warming Discussion, RAGE ON!

Science and Politics are rarely a good mix, so obviously, keep politics out and be yourself, voice your own opinions.

To my understanding, the data we have concerning global warming is inconclusive. We can graph all we want and postulate to the moon and back, however we are still extrapolating outside of the time period we are able to with current data. The conclusions we are posting are not set in stone, they are simply well documented hypotheses and interpretations of data.

The earth may be warming up, it may not be, that is irrelevant. Global Warming is just one small part of the REAL problem that SHOULD be addressed, pollution. The overabundance of automobiles, people, consumerism, and carbon emissions pollute the air, water, and ground that I, and oneday my heirs must use. Society takes our resources for granted and in order to change the path society is walking down we must make individual change and change those around us to be more efficient in our use of energy.

Whether that means carpooling, organizing a bike ride, or simply replacing all the bulbs in your house with CFL bulbs, recycling more, or whatever. Personal change must occur in the majority of the population for the inertia of destruction humans have with the earth to slow.


Air: The World Health Organization (WHO) says 3 million people are killed worldwide by outdoor air pollution annually from vehicles and industrial emissions, and 1.6 million indoors through using solid fuel. Most are in poor countries.

Even in Los Angeles, the air quality here is not as poor as the quality in asia and india simply due to the fact we are on the ocean.

There's a big pool of trash floating in the middle of the Pacific, not because people dump it there, but because thats where the currents kick it, and everything kinda just clumps together.

According to this guy Charles Moore, the trash heap is the size of texas.


It is your actions and mindset, not political stance that determines how you feel about pollution.
I consider myself an Earthling. To continue living on Earth I must treat earth with the same respect that I would treat my mother. There is simply no alternative.
Instead of arguing over the red herring details, we should instead work for a productive solution to minimize pollution as a whole.
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