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The Ratchetblast

An In-Depth Look

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#26 Diablo



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Posted 16 November 2007 - 12:27 AM

I like what you were talking about jwasko....some short range/some long range combo deal. I bet if you wanted, you could even leave a Ratchet Blast barrel (or two, or three) and have a limited amount of SMDTGs. Or you could even single barrel a SMDTG for a long range shot.

Making these systems interchangeable would be awesome, but that would take some crafty ingenuity.
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#27 frost vectron

frost vectron


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Posted 16 November 2007 - 12:51 AM

Wow, I'm wondering why I didn't see this topic earlier.

I, too am working on an RB mod. Actually, I drew up some plans a month or so ago, but haven't gotten anything in motion yet.

The ratchetblast must be hot shit among modders now :lol:. I don't think my version of the RB mod will be nearly as complex, though. Best of luck to everyone! This is great motivation to get crackin' on this gun whenever I get back to my hometown.

Something I noticed about my ratchetblast is that it would not fire after a barrel replacement. I found that the gray squishy seal lost its adhesive quality over many years. When the internal rotation mechanism would switch barrels, the gray sealer became disalligned with the turret. After I used some crazy glue, it was firing strong again. Just something to watch out for if your RB absolutely refuses to fire. I also had the same thing happen to a Wildfire.

EDIT: Also after opening the Ratchetblast, I became inherently pissed off. The rotating air assembly is EXACTLY the same design as the Rattler. If I had owned an RB back in the day, I would not have modded my Rattler the way I did. I see now that the Rattler is a great gun other than the fact that it is missing something analagous to that squishy gray piece. If you jammed something like that into the Rattler assembly, you would probably get great ranges and keep the rotation mechanism intact. The only thing missing would be a trigger, but who cares about that? I realized the entire reason behind poor performance from the Rattler's delivery system was only the seal between the rotation and the turret, which NERF apparently fixed when they released the Ratchetblast.

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#28 jwasko



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Posted 16 November 2007 - 01:37 AM

Frost: Hmm, maybe that's what happened to my RB...the foam must have turned and thus opened the plunger chamber to two barrels at once. Result: big range loss.

And, I just remembered earlier today that the Rattler has the same mechanism as the RB...and, I happen to have bought a Rattler earlier this year. Maybe I'll use that as my test bed before I potentially ruin an RB.

Diablo: Unfortunately, you couldn't use the RB plunger itself to fire any darts since the airway will be blocked by the firing pin and it's base (the brown parts in my first diagram). Plus, I would probably mod the plunger head -- which would have the side effect of eliminating the seal with the plunger chamber.
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