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Nerf Tech Target

-by Ragornocks-


If the Nerf guns are songs, and the old Tech Target mod is Hard Day's Night, then this is Let it Be. The gun was too close to a Lock'n'Load for my liking, so I decided to do something, for better or for worse. And here are the results, after a bit of study be me and MysticNinja. This method improves over both mine and mr. grinch_nm's version, skyrocketing the already impressive range, but taking the ROF down a bit. Enough blabbing.

As always, the outside of the gun. Open it.

The guts, same as before. Just remove the old barrel and air restrictor again. Now...

Add a 2" 17/32 piece of brass, K&S preferred as always. You are going to need to sand down the stub on the shaft a bit. Add epoxy/hotglue as you see fit. Add some electrical tape around that, both for support, and to set a 1/2" PVC coupler around.

You want the coupler to be snug around that before you secure it on there. E-tape is the key. You might want to add duct tape around it after for extra hold.

As you see in the picture, before you put all of the stuff back, cut the casing at about where I have. It makes loading alot easier. You are going to need to sand the plastic rings inside away, too. Don't sand too much; you want the casing to squeeze the coupler so it doesn't come off. Just enough to fit it in there.

An alternate view of the above. Onto the barrel.

Take a 6" piece of 1/2" PVC, a 5-6" piece of 9/16 brass. Wrap electrical tape around both ends of the brass the nest it in the PVC. You know the drill. Let me note that the barrel in the pic is too short. Anything under 5" or over 6" is going to lose range.

You are going to want to sand a bit on the inner lip of the 9/16 brass, and the outer and inner of the 17/32. This prevents the tearing of darts, and makes loading easier.

Now, close it up. Don't break the gun trying to fit it back together, sand a bit more on the insides if you need to. Glob on rubber bands, like we always do. And, like always, you load by sticking the dart into the 17/32 stub, and putting the barrel over. That's the end of it.

I want the point out the difference in this and the old way. Here it is, for you who care. The earlier version was getting about 50' flat; now I get more around 70'. The gun has devistating velocity, and great accuracy. The only complaint is the reload time, which is close the that of a Max Shot. When used as a side-arm to a weapon with a good ROF, this thing is a frickin' beast. Alright, I'm done for the night, and I'm sorry about how long it took me to do this. I was having pic problems, and ended up losing half of the pics.



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