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Nerf Nite Finder

-by Ragornocks-


On a trip to Wal-Mart today, I found this little thing on the shelf, with a $6 price tag, waiting to be taken home. Due to the price, and the
expectations I had for the gun, I bought several. I'm happy I did.

The Pistol had a small "laser light" on it. I was curious about this, as most of Nerf's attempts to make a decent laser pistol only turned out
to be mediocre. On the back, it had the Tech Target, and it includes a small cardboard target with the gun. I hope they do release more blasters in this line.

The box claimed that it could shoot 35 feet.

They were right. It was actually pretty good, especially stock. The way the light works is a pressure switch near the trigger and catch. It takes 2 "AA" batteries. When you pull the trigger back a bit, it made contact between two metal points, and lit a red light in the front of the gun.

The small light. It said it worked to up to 15 feet away.

In a dark hall, it was okay. In the light, it was not as effective. I doubt this has any real use, but the extra laser casing adds a more
"realistic" effect to the gun.

Go ahead and open your gun up. You first have to take the cap off of the handle where the batteries go. Keep up with anything that flies out, including springs and a small square washer at the bottom of the handle. The gun is simple, once you get past the electronics, but they aren't that complicated. The internals are all screwed in. You may want to leave the light in; you may want to take it out. I'm leaving it in for now, to shine in people's eyes and such when I get bored. It adds a bit of weight to the gun, too, so that may effect your judgement in either way.

I was happy to see a heavy spring and well lubed gun again.

The plunger and barrel, however, were odd. It broke into quite a few pieces. It's simple to put it back together, though. You will notice that the plunger has a "cap" on it. Take it off, and the end of the shaft could knock your barrel out. You may want to drill a large hole in the middle of it for a better air path, I belive the blaster is already adequate. I left it in, and looked at the next piece. It was a small spring and pronged thing, some stupid air restriction, obviously. I did away with it.

See this thing? When I did, I knew right away what to do.

You should have felt that coming. Now, we just stick a barrel on here.

I used PETG, you can also use 9/16" Brass for a similair performance. The PETG was lighter, and I didn't have the majority of my tools with me, so I was limited on what I could do. The stock darts fit suprisingly well into this PETG. I would suggest you contact IronRhino for some. Either way, a good 4" will do you well.

Stick it on, and apply glue. Epoxy would do so much better, but like I said, I didn't have most of my stuff.

Plop your new barrel assembly and the plunger cap back on the gun. I would add more glue in between, because we are going to remove everything in front of this that made it fit nice.

Stick it all back in there, it's not too hard. The PETG fits nice, I added electrical tape for hold and protection. I also fit the orange thing at
the end of the barrel back on to keep it straight and hold it some more. It's a snug, but comfortable fit.

There. The Nite Finder, with it's new barrel. I need to stick rubber bands on there. It's getting average 52' right now, which is impressive. I think bands will add a few more feet.

I cut these ammo holders off, so I could fit the blaster in my pocket easier.. This is a small blaster, much smaller than the Tech Target. The ranges, again, are comparable to a Lock'n'Load, and it feels good, is incredibly cheap, and has a light on it. I hope you guys like this gun. It's cool, but I don't think I'm going to use it myself, not just yet anyways. I still can't put the LnL down. I don't think it has the range or power, but it is much more accurate (without the light), and the grip seems to melt into your hands. A steal for the price and simplicity of the mod. Enjoy.




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