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  N-Strike Hornet Brass Barrel Mod


Alright, I can't say many people have been interested in a hornet mod, but what the hell. This is a basic mod, one that anyone with half a brain and a dremel can do. Yes, you NEED a dremel. Otherwise this may be very very painful... Ok for starters, you have your Hornet. Behold. My barrel-less hornet.


Now, you have to open the stupid thing up, which took me forever because I was an idiot and forgot to get the screws underneath the slide. Make SURE you get those screws.


After you have the thing open, just do your basic overpressure release valve plug with a hot glue gun, I don't think you guys need a picture for this one. Now, you're all done with the internal mods, so close it up, if you can. "That's it?? I opened the damn gun up for just that??" Yup, that's all you did it for. Go cry about it.

Ok now on to the barrels. Take a dremel/hacksaw/whatever you use to cut stuff and cut the barrels about this far.


Then, take your dremel, and attach one of those round sander things to the end of it. The sander looks like this, and it worked best for me.



Ok, now this is going to sound crazy, but just sand STRAIGHT down the barrel, yes, it'll be slow, and it'll be going perpendicular to the barrel post, but do it anyways. Eventually, you'll hit the air restrictor itself. If you did this right, you should have a pile of mushy plastic at the bottom now. Don't worry about drilling too far if you use the sander, as the little disk will pretty much protect the valve, unless you pound the thing in with a hammer. But still, be careful. As soon as you hit the disk itself, stop and pull out the remaining plastic with a pliars. Now comes the hard part. *Attempt* to grab the little disk on the side with your pliars, and pull. It should look like this if you ever manage to get it out.



If you manage to get all 6 out in less than an hour, you deserve a cookie. Or my jealousy because you have thinner pliars than I do. Anyways, once you finish doing that to all 6 barrels, your hornet should look like this.



Despite the fact that air chambers like the blastfire are quite fragile, I found that these can take quite a beating from the barrel end, as that white disk seems to protect the valve itself... You actually want to VERY CAREFULLY drill these out. When you're done, it should look something like this:



Now, onto the barrels. Since the air chambers appear to be slightly bigger than a Blastfire's, I'd go with about 6-7 inch barrels. I'll go with 6 inch since I get 36 inch sections of brass and I have 6 barrels. Perfect.



I managed to do SOME range testing outside, although I couldn't use my court and it was a bit windy. All testing is with 6 inch barrels.

20 pumps
AVG: 68'

25 pumps
AVG: 80'

30 pumps
AVG: 78.5

I don't know what happened to the 30 pumps one, maybe the wind picked up a bit or something...



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