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Lanard Blast Bazooka

Here we go. It's my first mod write up so bear with me. The gun itself is fairly simple. Actually it's really simple. There should be no problems opening it up. Nothing too fancy.

First thing I did was mess with the trigger. The gap between the release valve and the trigger bugged me so I cut a piece of plastic and electrical taped it to the trigger. It probably could have been done better and probably didn't need to be done but o well.


So then I chopped off the existing barrel to about a few inches. I cut a 14 inch piece of brass and attached it to the existing barrel nub.

In order to do so I melted down the orange barrel so the brass would slide in, epoxied and electrical taped.


The most annoying part was getting the barrel not to break off. I cut a funky oval-shaped piece of wood that kept the barrel centered.

I really can't say how to make it. I just started with a circle and kept trimming till it fit.

Now just screw it back up and tadah!

When I tested the range I took 5 shots: 98, 97, 115, 117, 109. Wind probably played a factor but I'm pretty darn happy with it. It only cost $10 and has a 107.2 foot average. I'd recommend it.



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