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Nerf SuperMaxx 5000

Nerf SuperMaxx 5000


SuperMaxx 5000 compact extended barrel mod:

Disclaimer: I'm sure most if not all of this has been done before. I make no claims of originality for these mods. On the other hand, I have been totally unable to find any kind of documentation/images online for significant changes people have made to their SM5k... so here's my contribution to society.

I wanted to put a 12" barrel on my SM5000 to maximize range and accuracy using micro stefans. Adding 12" to the length of the gun was less than desirable so I did the obvious and relocated the pressure tank so as to fit most of the barrel within the gun housing. The barrel is brass tubing as found in hobby shops (sold as 9/16" OD) and measures 12" x 1/2". This stuff beats the crap out of PVC when using micro stefans.

First I plugged the overpressure release valves in the pump so as to achieve a higher pressure in the air tank. Then I had to clear out the factory trigger mechanism to make room for the tank. By sawing off everything over the little green wheels that the trigger slides on, there was just enough room. Some of the internal pieces of the gun's outer housing had to be carefully filed down to allow everything to fit. I did this very slowly and ended up with such a tight fit that I didn't need to secure the tank/barrel assembly, it just drops in. After that, all I had to do was cut the air hose down to an appropriate size for the new arrangement.

Here's a closeup of all the changes. Note how easy it was to connect the air release rod to the trigger. All I had to do was drill a hole the same diameter as the release rod down into the trigger assembly at an angle. Be careful to center the hole and you won't have any structural problems. Mark the spot you want to bend while the rod is all the way in (closed). I made it about 3/8" out from the tank. Then you can pull the rod out a half inch or so and grab it on both sides of the mark with pliers.

I range tested it with 4 pumps and a level shot:

111', 11 1/4"
115', 7 3/4"
123', 3"
126', 5 3/4"

Avg: 119', 3 15/16"



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