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Dusting Off The Cobwebs

News 17 Jun 2017



(photo courtesy Zorn's Lemma)


It's the 2017 war season, and boy, is it overdue for a news post. We finally have the Apocalypse 2017 thread up and running with all the information you need, and Armageddon 2017 (the 18th edition) is a week from today. Break out those blasters, those works-in-progress, order those darts from China, and get ready to fling some foam. Check out the useful information below and be sure to opine on the discussion topic.


Upcoming major war thread links:

2017 Nerf War Schedule (Get your wars posted and linked in here)

June 24th [CA] Armageddon XVIII: SoCal's Largest NIC War

August 5th [NJ] Apocalypse 2017: The East Coast's Largest NIC War


Cool recent threads:

JSPB B&B Mini-Hopper (the newest in the long line of 3DBBQ homemades)

Caliburn: Pump-Action Mag-Fed Springer (the newest in the long line of Captain Slug homemades)

3D-Printable Crossbow Thread (self-explanatory)

Muzzle-Loading 17th Century Pistol (rainbow catch meets leatherwork and realsteel looks)


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And we're back....

News 20 Sep 2016



So our hosting made some unexpected changes which broke the site, and after trying to deal with technical support people from two different companies and a database that resembled a dumpster fire, I gave up and reset the site back to the latest viable backup (thanks to Doom for providing backups).  We lost about a weeks worth of posts, but the problem appears to be resolved.  Thanks for your patience during the downtime. 

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Spring/Summer 2016: Once More Unto The Breach

News 22 Apr 2016





It's spring, so hopefully the thaw has found you and opened your fields for competition. This summer we will see the next installments of Armageddon and Apocalypse, the longest-running and second-longest-running Nerf wars in the community. Can you believe that Armageddon is turning 17 this year? Insane.


(Photos courtesy of Zorn's Lemma.)


Upcoming Nerf Wars:


1st [CT] NENO 15

28th [MN] Minnesota Spring 2016 Nerf War


11th [CA] Armageddon XVII – Southern California's Largest NIC War


6th [NJ] Apocalypse 2016 – The East Coat's Largest NIC War

If you would like your war featured, please make sure to post in the 2016 Nerf War Schedule thread.


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Announcing the winners of the 2015 Mod Contest

News 29 Feb 2016

We've tallied the votes from the Judges and NerfHaven Members and the results are in. Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Mod Contest.
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We're Back! Forum software upgraded and new features added.

News 20 Nov 2015

During the last week of downtime, we've upgraded the forum software and implemented a number of new features on the site.  Here are some of the changes:

  • Image Uploading - You can now upload images directly to NerfHaven, without having to deal with Imgur or Photobucket (limited to specific subforums).  The option to attach files is available under the text box when posting.
  • Visual Text Editor - When editing your posts, you can now see the formatting in the editor.  The editor will also autosave your post.  If you would prefer to edit your posts the old way, and see the BBCode forum tags, you can click on the switch icon in the upper left corner of the editor. 
  • Notifications - Logged in users now have a notifications icon, similar to the notifications area on facebook.  You can configure your notifications options to automatically notify you when someone replies to your threads, quote your posts etc. This can be configured separately from email notifications. 
  • IRC Chat - Logged in users will see a 'Chat Room' tab added to the top of every page.  Keep an eye out for other new tabs which will be added in the coming weeks.
  • New Profile Fields - You can now specify your Reddit Username and Youtube Channel in your profile. This info will be displayed next to your posts in the near future. 
  • The View New Content link (top right of every page) now works as expected, and includes more options.  'Content I have not read' and 'New since my last visit' are recommended if you don't want to miss any new posts. 
  • Tagging - Threads can now be tagged.  Eventually tagging will be used to automatically maintain the directory threads, map nerf wars by state and region, and generally organize the site in a way that we could not achieve with subforum categories.  We will be setting up guidelines for tagging in the near future, but for now just try to be as descriptive as you can.
  • Warning System - Warning bars are gone, and warning 'points' automatically expire after a set period of time.  Instead of receiving a PM and/or email when you are warned, you will now be required to aknowledge the warning before you are allowed to post again. 

These are just the first few features that have been set up during the downtime over the last week.  There are many more coming that we will roll out over the coming weeks. 


If you have any technical issues, or any questions about the new features, this thread is the place to post them. 

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