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Science Behind Hornet Help

27 June 2005 - 09:35 PM

I'm planning to do some sort of shotgun type thing on my hornet, and its mechanism has been bothering me because I don't have an idea of how it works.(how it lets out air and stores it).

This is the part I am talking about:
Posted Image
It would also be helpful to me if I knew how this thing worked, the mechanism that releases all the shots at once:
Posted Image
Can someone would please explain this to me, or if this has been posted, please tell me where it is. thanks. :ph34r:

Titan Questions

29 April 2005 - 08:37 PM

Im goin to make my titan 24inch barreler. I hear alot of things about 200" ranges, and I'm just wondering if I did anything wrong before. I use regular bbs and a 12 in brass.

Does a 1/4 steel shot make a big difference in powerful guns? Because I can only get 85 out of my titan right now.

Even when I use heavier weights the ranges are still about the same, and I think its because of my 12 inch brass. Is this normal to have this little change all because of the barrel length?

I'm replacing my pvc in my titan with a longer, but it's glue on tight with epoxy How can I get it out?

:nugget: sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't really find anything.

Mavrick And The Scout

15 January 2005 - 07:39 PM

My friend recently bought two Mavricks at Target. While I was looking at them, I noticed that on the cocking mechaism theres a hole in the back, similar to the one on the scout. So I thought of an idea of putting a string between them, tying it up and putting it around your neck. Then, when you have dual Mavricks all you have to do is straighten out your arm to cock your gun. You can tie the strings onto a saxophone neck strap so you don't have to choke yourself everytime you do it. It looks getto, but it works and I just thought I might share it with you guys. The only problem is that you can't hold the gun straight out when you shoot. I was hoping someone could think of an idea to solve that problem. :nugget:

Air Power

06 January 2005 - 01:43 AM

Here it goes with another of my stories:

Ok so my friend (who is really crazy and wants to go to Israel to become a SWAT member there) is brassing his NF. I give him a 6 in 9/16 bass and he jammes it, in literally, but at the bottom of the barrel, sticks a dead dart with a straw in the middle, and covering the side with lots of electrical tape so it wont blow out.

My question is if he does that, will it be better? If the air has to go through a smaller passage, like the straw, will it be better for the gun? I couldn't really tell with his NF, it looked the same.

Another thing is that he says that there is virually no friction when the dart or bullet flies through the barrel, so the longer the barrel, the better. Hey says since there is only one way the air can go, so it just keeps building up. I don't really think that's necessarily true, I'm sure there comes a point that friction will decrease its range. Think about it. When you feel the air right next to the releasing valve, its stronger that when you feel it with the end of a barrel attached on to it.

In Some Titan Trouble

22 November 2004 - 01:50 AM

information dealing with the problem:
when you open up the titan, you will see 2 metal rods and the trigger as the firing system. one of the black metal rods is directly moved when you pull the trigger. I'll call it the pendulum rod, because it works like a pendulum when you pull the trigger. The other rod is straight and its the one that releases the air. The straight rod is pulled back by the pendulum rod.

introduction to the problem:
i find out my titan is leaking. So i take it apart with also taking off the triggers and everything. After some experiments i find out when i pump it up it doesn't leak, but when i screw in everything back in but not putting on the case, it does. I find out that the pendulum rod was somehow bent so that the long straight part of pendulum rod was too short, thus making the straight rod bend up. and when this happens, air leaks out of the place where the straight rod goes into the tank.

my stupidity:
i try to bend the rod back into shape, but it snaps.

point of this topic:
im not so sure of what to do because if i got another piece of metal rod, i dont really know how to bend it into the pendulum rod, and if i directly glue the trigger with the straight rod with a piece connecting the two it would still pull the straight rod down and out instead of straight out.

please give me some suggestions on to how i should do this. Oh yea and Drano if you are reading this, which you probably will, GO CHECK YOUR NERFHAVEN INBOX!!!