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Saftey Glasses

18 August 2009 - 02:15 PM

Hello all,

I haven't been active for some time now, but I came across this item and immediately thought of you guys.

Someone should set up a group buy if they were nice, or be a bit more entrepreneurial if they were so inclined.

Best of all, you can get the NerfHaven logo imprinted on them.

Here's the link : Marco Promotional Products

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Holiday Raffle

15 November 2006 - 02:59 PM

It's been a while since ive frequented these forums. but i'm feeling generous

i want to hold a raffle this holiday season for ONE unmoded, never fired Lanard MaxShot.
the Winner will recieve the maxshot through USPS at no cost to him/her... its on me.

Now i haven't discussed this with anybody yet, but i was hoping a Mod could generate the random number at the end to determine the winner. so.. Ompa, or Shindig, or Cx ?

So starting from today, 11-15-06 12:00 pm PST and ending on 11-24-06 11:59 pm
any member of nerfhaven can post a number from 1 - 3000 to enter the raffle.

I'm not the most meticlious on details, but the rules are:

Every member can only post a number once.

no duplicate numbers it's your responsibility to make sure a number isnt already taken before you post it

and unfotrunately this raffle is not open to moderators

raffle closing will be governed by the post clock


damnit! i hate details.

what the hell! i'll ship world wide.

closest number to the drawn random number wins.

and i forgot. the maxshot's got no box and none of the foam rocket dealies.

the wining number will be generated from here:

Maverick/desert Eagle

09 January 2005 - 12:20 PM

I just picked up a couple Mavericks at my local target (Lennox town center, Columbus OH)

Man this thing is pretty cool. I noticed that the chambers are exactly 4 inches long.. thats pretty convienent. the blaster is a little front heavy though so that means petg is guess.
funny thing is, after i took out the restrictors the gun will not fire. Looks as if the new barrels are goin to have to go waaaay down into the base of the chambers.

to my fustration, i diced to leave my dremel at home is sunny Cala-for-ni-A . stupid...

any hoo, this gun looks real cool and if you use your imagination and follow the gun's lines, this blaster if single barreled and with some case modification, could look like a Desert Eagle.
Now if have no idea if it would be worth it or not to single barrel this thing, but I'll open up the project to who ever wants to take it on, since I have no god damn tools.

Ps2 Sound System

17 September 2004 - 04:28 PM

hey, I was wondering if any body knows if you can hook up a "creative extigy" sound card to the PS2.

since i am in college, i am poor and dont wanna spend money on an amp and speakers or one of those nifty DVD players with the integrated systems.

we got a ps2 in the house and a creative extigy and an extra set of 5.1 speakers will be comming soon.

im a little on the pesimistic side a sound card is more complicated than an amp.

sooo.... i was just wondering if it can be done. long shot but i thought id ask. since they got all the physical connections there, (usb ports, optical out)

thanks for any info you guys can give.

Is There Anything Better Then Plummer's Goop?

11 August 2004 - 07:23 PM

does anybody know of any sealant beter then plummer's goop? I dont know if im just applying it wrong or what. but i keep blowing my seals