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31 August 2012 - 07:21 PM

Where: Langford Middle School
3019 Walton Way Ext.
Augusta, GA 30909

Posted Image

When: Saturday October 6 10:00 AM

Hosts: Zaxbys

Game Types: FFA....3/15...3/15...3/15 and guess what? MOAR 3/15 Any questions? Ok, maybe one freeze tag because I need a water break :lol:

Banned stuff: If it makes you bleed...leave that shit at home... other than that, grow a pair this is the south


Zaxbys +1
NoM +1

Pics of field:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Spring Seno

05 February 2009 - 05:41 PM

SouthEast Nerf Outing (SENO)

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When: March 29th @ 10AM

Where: Garrett Elementary School
1100 Eisenhower Drive
Augusta, Georgia 30904

What to bring:
- Eye protection (This is mandatory)
- Proper clothing
- Enough fluids and edibles to keep you going
- Enough ammo for your weapons
- Your nerf guns
- Some money just in case we order pizza
- Ball gun if you have it.
- Side arm (Pistol)

Zaxbys +2
Rork +2
Shadow +1
Shadowfire +1


- Eye protection is mandatory for everyone under 18. We are not accountable if you sustain injury due to not wearing eye protection. There were some hi-power guns in play for summer SENO, and this time around, a good majority of the Augusta nerfers will be fielding BBBBs.
- Singled titans are banned. Period. Other than that, guns will be judged on a case-by-case basis, so bring a backup weapon just in case. Airguns will be heavily regulated and that BB gun thing that gut had is so banned.
- Dangerous guns will be banned on the spot. So put that howitzer away...
- Homemades will be allowed (SNAPbows, +bows, etc.), unless they violate the rule above.
- Loaner guns will be available for guests.
- We will probably chip in to buy pizza if some of us want to, so bring some money.
- Public facilities (water fountains, restrooms, etc.) may or may not be available, depending on if the Garrett Gym is open on that day, which I doubt. So make sure you're okay with that.
- Park in the parking lot right next to the playground, that is where our staging area is.
- The fields in the pics will have a little more cover. There will be cardboard emplacements to add more cover.
- Anyone getting on the roof will be lynched.

Alright so let's get the ball rolling on dates. What's the best week in March for you all to attend? April will not work for Augusta due to the fact the Master's tournament makes traffic a nightmare.

A Way To Eliminate The Goo Gauge?

26 January 2009 - 09:20 PM

Posted Image

I have attempted and failed several times to simply goop in a piece of 1/8" vinyl tubing into this at2k tank but there was always a leak. In order to complete a project currently underway I must eliminate the goo gauge on this tank and it still hold pressure.

For those that have been able to do this please explain how you accomplished such a feat.

Thank you


Seno Revived!

17 June 2008 - 10:15 AM

Well after discussing this with shadow I am going to take up the gaunlet of hosting this war in Augusta, Georgia. Lets get this ball rolling. I am making this threads the information thread for this summer war. I want to see a great turnout so work with me here people.




Garrett Elementary School
1100 Eisenhower Dr, Augusta, GA 30904




Zaxbys +2
Cmdrmack + 1 or more
A Side of Nerf +2
Shadowblade + 2 or More
Sirtofu +Maybe 2-3

I want to see all you southerners there and I will include more details such as pictures of the field and a more concrete date very soon. I know gas is high, but hey, its time we bring SENO back so come make this one a war to remember!

Other Info:

We can order out for some pizza during the day or everyone can bring their own lunch or a few bucks so we can order.

Guns will be banned on a case by case basis.... All titans are out, most homemades, and bbbb's and lbb's with pumps plugged are also out.


Augusta War Recap

16 June 2008 - 08:11 AM

The war was held saturday but I am just now getting around to reflect on it... Thanks go out to shadowblade and his clan for the invite, my clan and I had a really great time and look forward to wars in the future.


- My clan of 3 people which consisted of myself, "black man", and my younger brother, took on shadow's clan of 8 people and slaughtered them in a team deathmatch
- Zaxbys and "Black Man (Aka one of my clan members)" won the ultimate gunslinger round
- Meeting new people

It was a great war, my clan showed up, applied a little GA Ownage, and went home. Groove, you woulda been proud to see that gunslinger round, and Cmdrmack you will HAVE to make it down to the next one if I have to go get your ass down here myself.

I will be sure to make sure everyone gets the details to the next war and I hope to get a large turnout. Nest war we are looking at July.