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16 January 2003 - 11:16 PM

I have to admit that I did feel the wrath of the smile face dart<coughs> <fag> . Yeah ummm anyway Howard loves the cock....... I mean he is a good player, Yeah thats it.

I work a lot but just let me know when you guys are gonna war again and I'll make sure that I get off of work. Also I am the unholy brother the powerful horseman known as Death. I was forged out of hellfire and brimstone, from the seventh circle of the mighty inferno known as Hell! I have been made into a mighty nerf warrior from years of training with the Horsemen. And now I am here to bring forth the future of NERF!!!! MUH-HAHAHAHAAHAHA!....................

Ummm......yeah anyway Joe is my Brother.

You are good but The Wave is the Future!