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In Topic: Amtgard

27 April 2009 - 07:05 PM

OMC, Larping is huge. There are more than 500 "business" games in the United States alone, where larping isn't as popular as it is in Europe. At least two full feature-length movies have been made about it for general release in the last few years. It's everywhere, and it naturally coincides with nerf.

As a general rule I wouldn't recommend taking on a condescending air while addressing an Admin. I'm sure OMC knows how big LARPing is etc etc, but yeah, I'm sure he appreciates the information.

And as for bows in Nerf, evertime this stuff comes up I'm always at a loss for why you would use weapons meant for hunting and killing for Nerf. I always looked on it as a game where we take child's toys and make them more enjoyable... Hm don't know about you but I don't want to get shot at by a real bow.


In Topic: Thaygor Breach

18 January 2009 - 09:47 PM

If I'm getting this right (and I honestly can't tell, sorry but the overexposure and general fuzziness make it hard to get a clear view.. You might want to try out the Macro function, that generally helps), It's not bad. You could have made the cuts cleaner etc, but thats not the point. I know alot of people have been asking me (before I quit) to make breech's with a handle on them. I never did, because in my design, which I made to be the most efficient as possible, I never wanted a handle on the side. It doesn't really make sense for mine to have a handle anyways, with the handle being at the front...

Anyhow, it does seem somewhat inefficient because of the dead space, but if you like it, Just Go With It.


In Topic: Twilight Review.

19 December 2008 - 03:12 PM

Lets get a few things straight.

The Movie was shit.

The books were good.

In Breaking Dawn the author sortof threw stuff in randomly, but it's still a good series.

Pretty much.

So, I know there's got to be a ton of people who hate the books and the movie, but I mainly hate the movie because the books were better. I doubt there will ever be a girl alive that will not like the books or the movie, but that's just me.


In Topic: Holy Shit

12 December 2008 - 04:41 PM

Nice job on the mod. Clean, and although I generally don't use PVC (CPVC mostly, when I was active...), it's still nice.

On a side note, I find it funny how your Zar'roc isn't even red :o.


In Topic: Big Blast With Integrated Recon Laser Light

02 December 2008 - 06:37 PM

First off I'm not directly saying this at you fuzz080. But does this really even deserve it's own thread? All you did was take out a recon's light and glue it inside of another gun. I think that it would be good to post this in the modification/paintjob pictures thread. Allot of people have been posting their newly modded guns on it's own thread. All that this seems to be doing is clutter the forms. So please just post your guns in the modification/paintjob pictures thread instead of making a topic for every gun you mod.

Flame: hierarchy this is a mod that has never been done before. He has a total right to make a writeup and contribute to the nerfing world. Yes, not everyone will find this mod effective and quite possibly, worth the effort but it still is a mod. So shut up!

On Topic: This is a neat mod, if you were to replace or strengthen the light like fuzz already said it would be very nice to have in a indoor war, in the dark, that allows BBBBs.

No, you shut up, please, and let me explain.

First off, I find it slightly perturbing that I only recognize about 10% of the people here that still post on the Haven. I stopped Nerfing like a few months back, and already people are having more posts than me, seems like we have a ton of postwhores.

Tornado, this doesn't actually do anything to add to the functionality to the gun, and if you're all about indoor in-the-dark wars I'd doubt any parent would want a BBBB firing projectiles all over the place. It absolutely pointless in my opinion, and therefore shouldn't have a thread in the first place. But since it is "new, something nobody's done before..." whatever the hell everyone says. First, I can guarantee someone has done this before, and have you actually looked around the forums to see if anyone has? this forum has been around for years before you came. Maybe you did, and if so I'm sorry, but I doubt you've looked through the countless pages of mods here at the Haven.

I'm not trying to flame anyone in particular here, and that's just fine if you like "integrating" pointless (imo) lights on guns which will dent walls, but I just thought everyone should be aware.