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New Darts

24 January 2004 - 09:39 PM

I was testing out my gun and some darts that I made. I was thinking about how the 2" darts I use don't load easy and fishtail a lot. So I came up with a dart that is 1/2" long.

It works great. It increased the top range of the gun by 12'. And it was a lot more accurate.

Heres how to make it.

Cut a piece of fbr that is 1/2 inch long. take a sharp pencil and poke a whole in either end so they meet in the middle. Dont carve out the middle, just puncture it. Take a couple of 1/4 inch long screws and wedge them in either end. Take some hot glue and put a HUGE glob on top of each screw so it seals it in. The bigger the glob the better, but make sure they won't touch the barrel.

Shove it down the barrel and fire. The firs time I shot one it exploded upon impact! I made a few more stronger ones and bam, those things HURT. I hit in the middle of a 1' target from 30' 9 out of 10 times. They eliminate fishtailing, because they are so short, and they wont go cartwheeling, because they still have some lenght to them.

They make loading quicker because it doesnt matter which way you put them in.

Tell me what you think.

If you want to totlaly get rid of the chance of cartwheeling, make them 3/4 inch long.

My Gun

24 January 2004 - 02:25 PM

This is my fith post in a month...Guess I just got a little Post Happy.

Anyway, I posted about a new valve about a week ago and I said I would try it out. So I did. The valve I was talking about <compressor nail gun repacement valve> is installed and it works better than any other valve i've ever used. Back to the gun. The barrel is 1/2 inch cpvc nested in 3/4 inch cpvc. It has a clip system making it a simi. The tank is 3/4 in pvc and can hold 120psi. I plan to wrap it in copper wire to bring the top psi to 260. Everything is connected with pressure rsistant tubing, the orange stuff you find in the hardware store.

Pic's comming soon.

New Valve

21 January 2004 - 09:07 AM

I went to the hardwere store yesterday to get some Plumbers Goop. On a bargin table there was this trigger looking thing. On closer inspection I found it was a fancy valve that is used to replace valves in Nail Guns. On the back of the box it said it was rated fo 500psi!!!!!!!!! And to make things even better, on either end there were threaded holes and those tube adapters for it.

Most people use Ball or zero related valves. I think this is smoething that someone missed and it might just work. Just spreading the word. I'll try it out in one of my guns and see if it works.

Tank Or No Tank

19 January 2004 - 09:20 PM

I'm making my millionth <exateration> homemade. I normaly use a very small tank and a zero valve on my sidearms. I was wondering if i even need that extra tank. I can normaly get about 3 shots off with the tank, and I know ill only be able to get one off without it. But with the time it takes to re-load, wouldn't be easier just to have a zero. Also, sometimes I have trouble with fishtaling on the 10 inch barrels, could dropping that extra tank stop that?

What Kind Of Pvc...help...

18 January 2004 - 04:46 PM

Hey, I went to the hardware sotre the other day ad was looking at a new barrel for a hommade <i blew out my old one>.

I need to know what is better, Regular old PVC, of that new CPVC.