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Vintage Nerf Guns

12 August 2020 - 07:46 PM

 I noticed the trading forum is no longer active. I have some vintage nerf guns I'd like to get rid of; some of which are brand new. Where should these be posted?


AT2K Dead Space Reduction Coupler

26 February 2015 - 07:45 PM

Let me start by saying while this isn't revolutionary it is effective if you don't rear load your AT2K. First parts pretty common place so I won't bother with pictures. Plug pump, bypass goo gauge, and then I reinforced the tank using Makeitgo's technique to reinforce the tank http://nerfhaven.com...showtopic=22588

After thats done take your half inch coupler and glue in about a 1/2" pice of 1/2" PVC on the side of the coupler that will be glued to your tank.
Posted Image

Now take a 3" section of 17/32" brass and insert 2 inches of that into a 1ft section of PETG. Glue a section of 1/2" PVC from the base of the PETG upwards. Make sure that 1" of brass is still protruding out and glue an airtight seal to the PVC.
Posted Image

Now when you insert your barrel into the coupler virtually all the dead space is removed.
Posted Image

Then I just added 6 scrap pieces of PETG as dart holders.
Posted Image

Haven't bothered measuring ranges. Slugs at 8 pumps hit close to 140.

Cool Find At Store

16 October 2014 - 08:46 PM

I was at the Toys R Us in Rochester MN and came across 3 old school packs of micro darts. Must've been left at the bottom of some crate in some warehouse somewhere. Listed as $1.99 a pack so I picked them up. Kinda cool.

Posted Image

zombie strike crossfire singled coupler

28 January 2014 - 10:57 PM

Hello community. It's been years since I've been active with nerf. It's amazing how this community has changed in 4 years. Anyway I came across this crossfire bow at target which obviously made me think of the legendary crossbow so I figured I'd try to mod it. My hopes weren't that high but I picked it up and took a look inside.

Posted Image

Not too impressive but It has potential. I took apart the few pieces and then tried to figure out how the four barrels worked, I tried pulling them apart and in the end just gave up.

Posted Image

Then I grabbed a ½ coupler, epoxied it to the end of the plunger tube and then covered it with some duct tape.
Posted Image
Added on my barrel and taxa!

Posted Image

I have yet to even upgrade the spring as I didn't have any that fit but right now the ranges are significantly improved. It's definitely useable in battle, though not up to the original crossbow. I'll get a new spring in it tomorrow and update you with ranges. Theres also a lot of dead space below the barrel so I'll be doing some minimization.

UPDATED (Sorry No Pics)

So I used a small screw then epoxied the exterior to help reinforce the draw, and upgraded the spring. As for ranges I'm constantly getting 52'-56' with the stock darts. Just for fun I also incerted a small sample of Tritium right on the end of the plunger head (I checked and it doesn't do anything to help/hurt the gun) to create what I believe is the first truly radioactive gun on Nerfhaven. So you can blast your opponents with Beta infused darts!

Overall its a decent blaster. I'll be keeping it as my collection is down to 4 guns. But I wouldn't use it as a primary.

Arrow Storm

20 August 2009 - 05:12 PM

For those of you who haven't seen it, it is just a rip off the nerf Arrow Storm. It shoots about 30' out of the box, and the barrels have a slight upward angle of about 10 degrees.
Posted Image

When you first open up the gun the huge spring will shoot out the back. (You do NOT need to cut it so it fits conformably.)
Posted Image

You will notice that there is nothing to guide the spring back. So as the spring is pulled back and fired, it rubs against the inner wall of the gun. This is what causes the ridiculously loud sound when priming and firing the weapon.
To fix this I used the stock lonshot barrel as a guide for the spring. (any hard tubing around 3/4in will work) Cut this piece so it is almost 4 inches long. Then glue it to the back and place the spring around it.
Posted Image

Next take a look at the top of the plunger shell. You will see a small hole, cover with glue.
(Its hard to see in the photo)
Posted Image

I removed the Ar's on the outside but haven't CPVC'd it yet.
Posted Image

I am really excited to make it shoot darts because it is so effective with the missiles.
The ranges were measured straight from the video. The last one was angled so it doesnt really count.

56' (Angled one)