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Battle For New York 2 - Recap

15 June 2008 - 11:38 AM

Battle For New York II

Date: July 19th.
Start Time: 10
End Time: When people are tired. (5?)

Parking lot.


Posted Image
Our main place to play.

Posted Image
Image of the rocks above on the left.

Posted Image
The other base for the main playing field.

- Bring lunch. We will be at least a ten minute walk from the street, and don't want to have to have people leave for lunch, as it will likely take too long between getting cars and getting to town and back.
- Bring bug spray. Sometimes the bugs can be pretty bad, but you never really know.
- Be sure to try and pick up your darts. We want to leave the park as clean as it was when we got there.
- I would wear long pants. I've seen poison ivy in the park, and I would think there are some ticks too.
- Optional: A light First Aid Kit in case you cut yourself running through a thorn bush or something of that sort (i.e: just a couple of band-aids and some disinfectant).

If you are allergic to bees, fear not, we're not going to using the location that had the bee's nest in it.

Attendance (as of 7/18: 14-16):
-Nightshift (5)
-Chalywong (+1-3)
-Duxburian (+1)
-Blasphemy (+Dad)

Yet to confirm:
-Oni Kadaki