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Nerf War In The Baltimore Maryland Area

26 September 2009 - 08:17 PM

I searched both here and google and found no actually groups who do Nerf Wars in the Baltimore Maryland area.

My friends and I solution is form our own Nerf War Association, We officially called our selves"Nerf War Association of the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area" or NWA for short (yes, we realized the rap music reference after the fact, but the name is stuck).

We are slowly forming up a group, of mostly college age adults who want to participate.

We are also looking into Baltimore County Department of Rec and Parks support for use of public land and possible support. Because of this we set our safety and mod rules a little high to get the support of a local government.

Example: all Nerf blasters manufactured with a orange muzzle must have the stock orange muzzle, regardless of mod performed. This is to keep in line with state laws, Maryland does have the Silhouette law stating that police have the right to shoot anyone who has a weapon and appears threatening, this would include someone holding a banana like a gun.

Our group have a small forum for our members and participants