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In Topic: Wildfire Rebuild

15 May 2010 - 09:32 PM

Well i just got a wild fire that i practically nib( the guy got it nib like 3 months ago and i still got the box with it).
I will be following this wright up tomorrow. Also how much of a range boost do you get from all the bands in this gun. Ranges?

In Topic: Externally Singled Hornet (for Power)

27 April 2010 - 06:51 PM

Ok, so I measured it today and I only got about 100'. It was a little windy- Minnesota, am I right?- so I will try it again, but first I want to tinker with it again because I think it should get a lot more out of it. Also, I need to buy my neighbors dremel so I can dremel my barrel some more and get a better seal since there is a lot of air still leaking out of it. I'll post back with my results.

As far as the overpressure goes, I don't know how it works exactly and there aren't any really great writeups about the OPRV, so if anyone can inform me then please do...

So I am a broke college grad with a crappy job and bills to pay, so I don't have money to pay for a longer tape measure or to fix my video camera, so you will have to deal with my honorable word. The only thing I bought for this mod was the larger tubing, the rest was leftovers. Also, I found this hornet at the Salvation Army store a year ago, so I have never had a titan or the other one that goes with it.

Not sure how I would go about moving the blast button to the trigger or switching it to 3 barrels per shot. I encourage y'all to try it though.

As for the rest of you, quit being such negative nellies...

Mait .Were you getting these ranges with the blast button or semi auto.

In Topic: Externally Singled Hornet (for Power)

26 April 2010 - 10:51 PM

This is creative but I would love to see ranges with stefens. Use a 200 or 100 foot tape measure please. video?

In Topic: Lanard 12-shot Shotgun to Quadshot

16 March 2010 - 12:29 AM


Leave the spring in. You want to pop the rotation cylinder (the big white thing with slots on it for the bar) and ratcheting mechanism (the small circle gear things inside the rotation cylinder) apart, and then glue them all together and then glue it onto the turret. Make sure that you assemble and disassemble the piece a few times so you are sure which piece goes where and in what order you have to glue it together. Also make sure that the orientation is correct.

Not to sound stupid but mine wont come apart. There was a small screw inside witch I removed but i an pull it apart. could you perhaps make a diagram of this on paint? Or make a quick video? Im sure Im not the only one to get this wrong.

thanks zorn

In Topic: Lanard 12-shot Shotgun to Quadshot

15 March 2010 - 11:36 PM

When you said "
Unscrew the screw, and then glue all the ratcheting pieces together, as well as the entire rotation nub together. This is so the turret does not slip when rotating under the increased friction from the seal mods we will do later."

Did you mean this piece? And how would I do that. Would I get rid of the spring?

Posted Image

So far this has been a very helpful wright up. nicely done zorn.