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In Topic: Petg Tubing

21 August 2003 - 10:31 PM

how expensive is it?

In Topic: At3k As A Snper Gun

16 August 2003 - 11:34 AM

i've looked at the crayola markers before and i noticed that they have little groove/ridges inside. they stick out from the inside. Doesn't that mess anything up? I thought that it would make it so you couldn't fit the dart in there.

In Topic: Barrel Mods

07 August 2003 - 09:25 PM

[quote name='cxwq' date='Jun 23 2003, 04:19 PM'][/QUOTE]
Yeah, doing brass without telescoping properly will kill a spring gun's performance.[/quote]
if telescoping a brass barrel works better for a max shot (or any other gun), why didn't cxwq do it on the max shot mod?

In Topic: Help!

06 August 2003 - 11:52 PM

I'll try putting on the 17/32 brass. Thank's Wax

In Topic: Barrel Mods

06 August 2003 - 10:34 PM

how do you telescope a brass barrel?