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Teflon As A Modding Material?

11 August 2006 - 07:30 PM

No, not for coating the darts, though that might be fun.

I'm talking about a Teflon Valve Packing Kit, ACE# 4200374. I saw it when I went hunting for O-rings. Its a 36" long string of 3/32" thick teflon that you wrap around a valve stem. I replaced the O ring in my night finder with 2 layers of this stuff and it seems to be holding an excellent seal. Has anyone else tried this?

Nf Mod, What Did I Do Wrong?

10 August 2006 - 08:26 PM

I'm a nerf newbie, havent done any wars, only modded 2 NFs so far. My old NF (blue model) was getting about 50' (eyeballed, not measured) after pulling the air restrictors. My new gray/green NF has not fared so well. I carved out the air restrictors, glued the barrel back together with plumbers goop for that airtight seal, wrapped the plunger head in Etape and am using a bit of veggie oil as plunger lube. All this and I'm getting maybe 10' distance, seemingly worse than stock! Are the new model NFs just crap or did I bork something?

Also, what material would people here advise for a barrel on *this* gun, being a small springer? I've never done a barrel mod before but from what Ive read around the forums I'm thinking crayola/PVC nested?