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Minimized Hornet Is Leaking

22 September 2009 - 05:33 PM

I recently acquired a Hornet and had begun to mod it. Part of the modding required the barrels to be cut out and then a dremel to sand down the peg and the AR. However, once I put it all back together I found that the bottom right air tank is leaking from the front (Others may also be leaking).
Posted Image
I was just wondering if this was fixable or have I ruptured a tank from the dremel vibrations? I know that there are holes in those white pieces, but I am certain I did not damage the valve by drilling. How exactly do hornet airtanks work? Please tell me if you were able to fix this.
Also, as a side note, I was wondering if there was a way to remove the airtanks from the black support bracket without chopping the entire piece up.

Posted Image

If I get another one, I won't be planning to remove the restrictors, just the pegs preventing stefans from loading.

De-singling Your Longshot Update

20 June 2009 - 11:46 PM


A member was contacting me asking how my gun fired exactly, so I thought I should add a video of the action.


Also here are some more pics of the updated version of the gun. I changed the grip so its now a PVC handle with a nice foam grip. The Springs have not changed, although there have been minor adjustments using duct tape to improve seal.

Posted Image

Posted Image

If your like me who put the stock LS and BBB spring inside your LS before any reinforcements, chances are you had to single your longshot. Problem here is that singled longshots make the clips obselete and greatly reduce the ROF. There have been many solutions before, such as ice's string mod and hereticorps foregrip, and if your boltsled has not broken then this mod probably doesn't apply to you, but my solution is easier.

The Completed Gun
Posted Image

Posted Image

I am very sorry for not have made this earlier, it really helps clarify everything I did in this mod and make it easier to understand. I didn't realize how easy it was to do, but now that I have this pic up i hope it helps everyone understand how my mod works.

What happens is the bolt cpvc part pushes the dart into a coupler, and at the end of that coupler is PETG. PETG is looser than cpvc so darts slip in easier (of course PETG doesnt stay in the cpvc coupler really well so you need some e-tape to keep it steady).
So what you have is essentialy a PETG barrel in a cpvc coupler, and a cpvc bolt that pushes the dart into the PETG at the other then of the coupler.

What I did is I took a pipe of cpvc and glued that to the part where the plunger head meets the black plastic inside the plunger body. The length of this pipe is very important, too long, and a stefan won't pop up when the magazine is present; too short and it won't reach seal properly. At the other end of the shell, I put a coupler at the end of that for the cpvc to stick into (See pictures).

Posted Image

At the coupler, I stuck some petg into the coupler which is used as the actual barrel (e-tape around it to ensure a tight seal around the coupler). Also, I put some popsicle sticks and washers to allow the stefans to be smoothly guided into the petg nested in the coupler.

To make the handle, I drilled 2 holes into the cpvc attached to the plunger head. Then I drilled holes into the cpvc tee and nailed the two together at an angle. I cut a little into the shell and to the sides of the tee for the bolt to fit snugly, then I simply attached some cpvc to the tee which is used for the bolt handle. I also glued between the tee and the shell to ensure no air is leaked into those holes. The reason for this complicated attachment, is because any other method will be blocked by the wings of the magazine and will be unable to slide back.

Posted Image

Here is an image of the breech open

Posted Image

When the bolt is pulled back, the cpvc primes the gun as well as allowing a stefan to pop up from the magazine, then you simply push forward and the stefan will be moved into the coupler where it will then be inserted into the petg.

Ranges: 80-100 ft -probably cause my barrel material is too loose.

Also, because there is no stopper of any sort above the magazine, sometimes multiple bullets will pop out when priming, so I need to keep my thumb there for that purpose. However, this allows me to easily breech load multiple stefans into the clip at any time. I can still get off a shot about every 4 seconds.

Overall, I'm happy with this mod because it gives almost the rate of fire of a regular LS with the power of as many springs as you want. I will be happy to clarify anything that didn't sound too clear.

Bolt Action Bbbb Breeched To Accept Mags

08 June 2009 - 09:02 PM

Here is my breeched BBBB that I made to accept LS clips. I had this idea a while back but it was not until the modding contest did I actually want to create it.

I did not plug the pump for legality reasons, only internals mods performed were reinforcing the trigger and putting a cut SCH40 Conduit on the air tank. I put an ls scope on the gun for looks.

You will need:

5/8" brass (depending on barrel material used this may change)
Hot Glue

Posted Image

I took the 5/8" brass and cut a slot into it for taking in stefans from an LS clip. Etape was also put on the innter lip of the breech in order to retain a better seal. I used 12" of Petg as the barrel because of it's looser fit which is ideal for air guns.

To attach the brass to the conduit on the airtank, I stuck the brass into to a piece of SCH40 (The insides were dremeled to fit) and glued it in. The SCH40 then fits into the conduit allowing for me to remove it if necessary.

Posted Image

The bolt is made by nailing a piece cpvc pipe to the tee. At the end of the cpvc I took a large screw I had lying around and placed it on the end of the pipe. This acts as the handle of the bolt. However, the bolt was still rather flimsy at this point. I took random pieces of cpvc and glued them in on the inside to help guide the bolt smoothly.

Posted Image

Bolt Detached
Posted Image

Using a dremel, I cut holes on both sides of the shell, one for the clip to fit in, and one for the bolt to slide from. The clip simply snaps around the brass and a stefan is loaded when the Petg moves forward and back. Ignore the hole in the shell.

Posted Image

Clip attached
Posted Image

To prime, push bolt forward and pull back. Then pump the gun and fire. Ranges have not been measured but I was able to shoot through cardboard from 50 feet away.

Posted Image

Edit: Pictures have been updated and an image of the full assembly has been added.