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Silencing a Max Shot

20 March 2013 - 04:09 PM

All right, so I just scored a Lanard MaxShot off Ebay, and it is WICKED! From what I can tell it lives up to its reputation as being OBSCENELY overpowered.

It's also VERY LOUD! I've already taken a mod out of SGNerf's playbook and put a foam pad on the plunger head but it STILL makes a racket with every shot. It sounds like the spring is ringing.

Any ideas for noise-suppressing this thing? Trolls step away from the keyboard, I already tried the mod directory and the search function.

So far the only mods I've made are the plunger padding and a CPVC coupler with a dart stop.
Seeing as how the MaxShot is also famous for EXPLODING, I'm not going to remove the lock keeping it from firing with the cocking lever up.

So, any ideas for noise reduction? I'd also appreciate any advice from other MaxShot owners.

Ballzooka-compatible ammo?

05 February 2013 - 03:34 AM

So, as I noted over in the Trading forum, I just got me a Ballzooka with no ammo. Both the current Green balls and the new Koosh balls are too big.

All the practice golf balls available to me locally are molded with the traditional dented surface. Good for the golf course, but not so hot for maintaining the seal on a pressure-based ballgun.

Any ideas for compatible ammo? Store weblinks welcome.

Review: Lego Exo-force Blaster

20 October 2010 - 04:28 PM

So, I was browsing Amazon for blaster deals when I stumbled over this oddity:

Posted Image

Instantly, visions of Noob 001's Arm Cannon danced through my head. Fantasies of dressing up like Megaman and blasting the crap out of Eggmans (as in throw at my car windows) in eleven days.

What the hell, it was only $5. $10 after shipping.

So, review time!

PRO: The tube is large enough (3.75 inch ID, 9.5 inches long) to admit an adult hand, and I've got pretty large hands. The darts are comparably-sized to Micros, sort of a "matchstick" version of foam-head Buzzbee darts. The barrel has no air restrictors or post!

CON: IT'S A SMEGGING CARDBOARD TUBE WITH A SQUEEZE BULB. The decorative fins and dart holders are just craft foam, albeit thick craft foam. Stock range is laughable at best, limited to how fast I can squeeze the pistol-shaped grip inside the tube. Again, it's just a squeeze bulb like those cheapo guns in the front of TRU or the overpriced abomination that is the "Pop Shotz 3-in-1 Air Blaster." It's not even Lego-compatible! You'd think they'd add a few token sockets for bricks on the side.

MODDING POTENTIAL: Actually, pretty high. As I said, the tube's large enough to admit my over-sized paws. So, rip out the bulb and replace with guts from another blaster. Current-gen to keep costs down, air-powered so the plunger rod doesn't rip my hand open. Maybe a Buzzbee Mega Missile, stripped down until it fits inside? Only $5 from my local Five Below.

VERDICT: If you've got $5 to burn, why not! A kid-safe gun.

How Did You Break Your Longshot?

25 June 2009 - 05:37 PM

A few weeks ago, I asked the 'Haven in general which spring combo would work best in my brand new-ish Longshot.

I wasn't being lazy, I just wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel. Between all the hardware & sporting goods stores in my area plus assorted Bow springs in my parts bin, I've got access to ALL the traditional Longshot replacement springs. I just wanted to avoid testing them all. Field-stripping a Longshot is NOT easy.

Now here's a related question that might just benefit every LS owner.

After reading so many posts about boltsleds breaking under stress, I wondered...

What spring combo is most likely to break the gun?

It seems to me that the BBB spring (longer than the actual plunger tube) would put CONSTANT stress on the gun internals, while an industrial NiteFinder spring from Ace or Home Depot wouldn't. Am I wrong?

-remove all air restrictors and pegs, seal holes in the barrel.
-replace or combine the springs in the main and front gun.
-replace the front gun barrel with CPVC.
-ditch all the safety junk in the gun so I can dry-fire, pop the clip, etc.
-sand-dremel the bolt tooth so it doesn't shave my darts.
-replace the stand by integrating the front gun with the main gun. The front gun's handle is missing, anyway.
-finish it with a new paintjob in Krylon Fusion Hammered Finish Metallic Black with trim in Krylon silver and copper, keeping the orange tip so the cops don't shoot me.

Nerf Sighting In Marvel Comics

23 June 2009 - 10:55 AM

It's a LITTLE off-topic, but it's Nerf enough.

Last week, in issue 600 of Marvel Comics "Captain America" (they're bringing Steve Rogers back from the dead, BTW) a prison guard in a jail for super-villains can be seen wielding a pistol taser. On close-up of his weapon, it can clearly be seen to be a MODDED NITEFINDER.

That's right, prison guards in the Marvel Universe are ARMED WITH NERF GUNS.

Which would explain why the villians keep escaping from jail. In that very issue, even.

I'll upload a page scan later.