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In Topic: Hand Cannon

06 January 2009 - 11:30 PM

Have you considered making an insert for, say, mega dart ammo? a 150' shot from a pistol.......??? Serious knockdown power at a range, while still small and portable....??? I like the thought...!!! On the other hand, that missile is plenty intimidating, and probably usable in real nerf wars. Either way, Awesome!

In Topic: Nerf Outing Side Arms

07 June 2008 - 09:34 AM

I have been using a crossfire for a long time. I lubed the o-ring on the plunger with petroleum jelly(for a better seal) and attached a cpvc barrel. Then I cut off the top mount rail and bottom storage compartment. Lastly, I added a DTG spring, Unlike the maverick, the cocking mechanism is strong enough to support a stronger spring. Now it is about 7" long x 4" tall, and gets about 55' ranges w/ stefans. I bought a $5 airsoft pistol holster at walmart and it fits great. Combined with a homemade ammo belt, it serves me as a great sidearm.

I also have several nf's and all versions of the TTG, and found the need for a light, easily carried sidearm to surpass the need for power in a sidearm. If they're that far away, just reload your Primary.

In Topic: Big Bad Easy

07 June 2008 - 09:00 AM

Nice job. It's simple and effective. Mostly what I want to say is that you should build YOUR gun however you want. If you have small, short range wars, there's nothing wrong with having a light powered BBB. You can always upgrade it later if you want. Too many people are obsessed with power and forget about the thrill of a fast paced, short range game. But yeah, do whatever you want.

In Topic: Back-loading Turret

12 September 2007 - 07:34 PM


I guess I'll just throw in my two cents here. Yes, you are making sense. But I blame the people who harshly criticize those who's mods turn out looking less than stellar. When I first started modding nerf guns, it was duct tape and hot glue, just like anyone else. Just like in any other industry, the standards must rise, otherwise, there is no progress. When automobile manufacturers first started putting air conditioning in vehicles, it didn't affect the handling of the cars, it just made them a little more comfortable. Forsaken Angel and CS are simply the cutting edge of Nerf modification. We shouldn't expect everyone's mod to look and perform as well as theirs.

So yes, I'm agreeing with you, with my own little twist. So to all who would criticize someone's work, keep in mind that just cause you could make it look better, didnt mean they could. Someone put their best efforts into it and they'll learn to make it look better through trial and error.

In Topic: Disk Shot Mod (advanced)

19 August 2007 - 05:03 PM

Nice mod! Very similar to what I did with mine, except I used CPVC. Also, Nerf put in that great wall above the ammo holder so you can remove the ammo holder without having to plug any ugly gaps, like this:
Posted Image
(Paintjob's not quite finished!)