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Advice For An Airsofter

22 May 2003 - 04:55 AM

Well, I've been Airsofting for quite a while, and just was awakened to the world of Nerf as a sport. Quite cool.

My friends and I play Airsoft in the backyards, with hand cocking single shot pistols (which, interestingly, have mechanically similar innards as with spring Nerf guns). I just got a First Shot, and easily Crayola barreled it to shoot minis. Having read about using Glue Stick chunks in Nerf, I developed my own shotgun shot method.

I stuffed a 2x4 inch piece of napkin, folded over, into the barrel makes a wad. I then poured in 10 Airsoft BB's, and then covered that up with a smaller piece of napkin (or klenex) wadding. The paper wadding is less expensive than foam, and it is biodegradable! (If you play airsoft, I wrote up the whole thing in great detail on Airsoft Ohioforums (I actually live in SoCali, but Airsoft Ohio has popular forums.).)

The First Shot gives this about a 10 foot spread at 8 yards range. (If only my stupid TRU wasn't totally out of Max Shots, I could crack that monster open to see how very many BB's I can blast out!) This is perfect range for backyard springers. I'm gonna Dremel out the little thingy on the bottom that you attatch the ammo clip to, then put a cloth strap to it for a one-point sling. This will make a great backup and/or tactical weapon. The extra wadding keeps the bb's inside the barrel fairly well while not being used.

One problem that prevents it from being a primary weapon: It's single shot, and reloading takes half a minute!

What I really need advice on is my next gun to buy for shotgunning. I want to get a Nerf gun that has multiple barrels to load up with lots of shotgun wads.
* This will be a primary weapon, so I'm not worrying about bulk.
* I'll be buying from retail, so it'll be an AirTech or Triple Shot.
* I don't want to mod too much, so it'll need to have air volume and power out of the box.
* I'm not afraid to put in Crayola barrels, so it doesn't have to come with tube style barrels.

I'm really looking at that AirTech 4k...twelve is an inviting number, with the auto-rotating barrels. That's 120 bb's I can blast out in a short period of time. Also, the 3k looks just as cool. Unmodded, is the 3k superior enough (in terms of raw air power) to warrant the loss of half the barrels?

So, which multi-shot gun (2k, 3k, or 4k) can I buy with the most power right out of the box?

(A few side questions. Is the AT1000 a spring or pump gun? Does it have good power like the First Shot?
Does the AT2k feature automatic barel revolving or not?
Has anyone Crayola barreled a Triple Shot, and does it have power comparable to the First Shot?)

By the way, this looks really cool if you drop a tiny scoop of baking flour in with the BB's. Boom! cloud of smoke!