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In Topic: ESLT 1.6 Instructions

23 August 2016 - 09:15 PM

Hey since this is kinda relevant, while your at it can you reupload or fix your ESLT nonprinted template files?
The ones down here

Also would a new redirect piece be purchasable? What are those large pins on the reciever? Is that wye at a 35 degree? 
Love the new stock by the way, looks dope


I'm planning on releasing a newer non-3d-printed version. I haven't searched all of my PC's for these files, but I really don't want to, so I'll just re-do it. It's heavily outdated anyway.


I will definitely make the new re-direct piece purchasable in the future, but I'm putting my time into a lot of other projects right now, so this probably won't happen for a couple months. However, I'll be publishing the files for it much sooner, so you could get someone else to print it for you as well. There will also probably be upgrade kits available sometime in the future to bring whatever version you own up to the latest and greatest.


The large pins are thumb screws, which I stole from Zorn since he left them in the Cancer shack. This enables the blaster to possess the ability to be disassembled to the point where you can fit it in a small travel bag without having to use any tools. This was Zorn's idea and I have to say I like it. 


The wye is actually 45 degrees. I'll be posting a separate thread on my 3d printed wye experimentation with all kinds of sweet juicy wizard action.

In Topic: ESLT 1.6 Instructions

17 August 2016 - 06:23 AM

I am a certified scrollbar wizard, so it's pretty easy for me, but I understand there are better tools for the job. As for previously mentioned tools, I do not have any of those, besides the hacksaw, and I can make much better cuts with the former. I was spoiled with the mill and I miss how quick and pretty it made slots. I eventually plan on building/buying a mill so I can semi-autonomously pump out slots. This probably won't happen for a while though.

Mark -

Basically what slug said is exactly what I would've said, and really the cornstarch is just for feeding darts and has nothing to do with the blaster itself. In fact, Zorn/Ice9 have discovered by putting a strip of Teflon inside the eye, this eliminates the need for cornstarch.

As for artifacts' performance I have had zero luck. They all shoot like wounded streamlines but you do occasionally get some laser beams once and a while. Other people have also noted this, which seems like it's entirely independent of what blaster you're using....

But anyway, this is a thread about ESLTs. I plan on sharing my dart/wye experimentation in a separate thread.

In Topic: Artifact darts

17 August 2016 - 06:12 AM

Quick update:

I guess my bitching was effective. I received a full refund last night, which BuyChina said this:

"We have checked ,it was bought correctly .For the colors ,if no special requirement ,then it will be sent randomly . And I noticed you are our new customer,we'd like to provide good service for you in future.Thanks."

I'm not sure they understood why I'm upset with the darts, which I could careless what color they were. Oh well, at least I have my money back to get some more men darts.

In Topic: ESLT 1.6 Instructions

16 August 2016 - 08:01 AM

I plan on releasing a full new write-up for a newer version ESLT, but here are some of the changes. I've been very active the last few months, but I just haven't been sharing it with anyone outside of people who frequent the cancer shack.


I apologize for the crappy smartphone pictures:


New style re-direct piece



Seals much better than previous versions. Also eliminates the need for CPVC stubs and elbows, another place where air could leak. More details to follow later...


The slots are also open in the front now, which makes assembly much easier. I have to say though, cutting through slots is a bit more difficult. Especially since I have to cut these on the scrollsaw now as opposed to Kane's mill which I was using when he still lived here. I've also added some thumb screws which Zorn had laying around from dicking around with his ESLT. He can provide the part numbers here if he feels like it..


I've been working a ton on 3D printed wyes, men darts, and artifacts recently, which I'll post my experiences later as well. Other small changes include a front barrel spacer with a channel to secure a zip tie (no one likes duct tape) (If you don't think a front barrel spacer is necessary you're an idiot), and a revised stock design (which is actually old). 


Otherwise, expect a new write-up soon, and a new batch of blasters.



In Topic: Artifact darts

15 August 2016 - 08:34 PM



I ordered 2000 of these through the same link Kane and Zorn used.. I chose BuyChina.com as my Taobao agent, and I'm very disappointed. The price was definitely excellent, and it was very easy to order, but they shipped me something completely different than what I thought I purchased:




These would probably be better than the Artifacts that the above mentioned received, but they are straight up ROCK MODE. These are basically hot glue domes.


I've tried contacting my BuyChina agents but they haven't responded so I've filed a dispute on PayPal as of a few minutes ago. I guess I'll see what happens and keep people updated.