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Radical/weird Idea

14 January 2006 - 03:44 PM

Note: This idea might be impractical, but I feel that I might as well since, you never know how it might be looked at.

I've been looking at how some nerf pistols can get very good range, but are only single shot(and to the ones that aren't, they still need to be cocked again). I was trying to think of a way to have multiple pistols all loaded at the same time with easy access to them(cocked or, and I came up with an idea: get some plastic, mold it(somehow) so it can fit just below your wrist, and add a free spinning wheel(undeside). Oil it enough so that it can spin when just a little bit of pressure is applied, but not too much or too little. Next, attach some spokes(small diamter PVC possibly) and attach a nerf gun(preferrably cock and shoot, and two or more) to each spoke. Have each gun extend just enough so you can grab it's handle and shoot. it.

After the gun is done firing. Let go of the gun and move your hand so that the next gun can be pushed into place. If you want to go even farther with the idea, set up an air powerd system(haven't figure out details yet) so that when a plunger is pushed, the wheel will spin enouugh so that the next gun is in place. You can secure this system by putting a crescent moon shape of placstic (or whatever shape floats your boat) to the plunger and attaching it to an addititinal "arm band". You could either put this on your upper arm or shoulder.

(Spaced so it wasn't a wall o' text)

So, how is the idea? Any and all opinions will be taken as well as any ideas, concepts, corrections, or criticisism(s).


02 January 2006 - 03:03 PM

Okay, I've recently added a bayonet(plastic white sword) to my BBB, and I have a few questions.

1. How much should an effective Bayonet extend from the tip of the barrel?
2. Are bayonets effective at all?
3. Do/What nerf wars allow bayonets?
4. What counts as a hit from a bayonet?
5. And how much"life" do you lose if you're hit by one?

Please respond.

I Have An Idea For A Bbb Mod.

27 December 2005 - 04:11 PM

You know how the attachments that make it look a bow are more or less useless, well, my dad put those on(to distinguish one from the other) I was pulling the top one bacl(grabing the wheel thing) and realized something: You could use that as a catapult, what you do is put a nerf ball(or nerf grenade, I looked about the internet for a while before joining) onto the tip(using an ice scream scooper or something as a holder). From there, you could preceed to put something on there to make grabing easier, anf if you want to go even further, put a makeshift catch on the gun where the arm(as it will be dubbed) can latch onto. Find a way to move that catch out of the way(via a trigger or something) so if someone comes at you after you fire you can pull the trigger/release the catch and let the 'nade fly. This could easilly end any standoff/help save your ass if your caught reloading. Any way, just wanted to share my idea(I haven't done this myself, but it works in theory). Tell me what you think of it.

Anyone Nerfing In San Diego?

27 December 2005 - 12:04 AM

The closest war I found that's going to happen within the next month(as far as I know) is northwest of lake Elsinore(for reference) I'm in the 92129 zip code(for reference).

I'm New.

25 December 2005 - 03:51 PM

Hi, I'm new here, I've been lookiong around so I saw a few basic mods that can be done. I got two 3bs(X-mas) and have already taken out the unncessary carp in the barrel. I have opened it up to do this. Anything else?