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In Topic: Fury Fire Vs. Dtb?

11 September 2009 - 11:26 AM

To add another reason why the DTB might be superior for your needs, They are now available (at least in some locations) in a single "Hyperfire" pack.

Overall, depending on what you want, you're still probably better off getting the set of two--the current set comes with two Hyperfires, two Reflex/Eliminator-alikes, two vests (which make great wall-mounted targets if you pin them up) and two pairs of safety glasses for $40. The individual pack (at least where I've seen them) only gives you one each Hyperfire, vest, and glasses and costs $25. If all else fails, find someone nearby who's interested, each pitch in $20, and split a set. That's what I did.

In Topic: Halo Style Game At A Nerf War?

06 April 2009 - 06:03 PM

Tell me if this is too off topic, and if it is, I'll start a new thread. Anyways, does anyone know of any good 2-people gametypes. Its not often that I have large amounts of friends over, ussually just 1 or 2, and we get bored with 1-hit-kill deathmatch. Also, anyone know of a good, fair way to have a 3 person game without making it complete free for all?

When I get together and nerf with my friends, there's only ever about three of us, so what we do is, we each take our blasters, find secluded starting spots, and play 5 hits. We've never had problems with keeping track of hits or dishonesty or anything of that sort. We've played that way at my friend's house, and he's got a pretty big yard so we have more than enough room for a 3-man match. 5 hits makes for a slightly longer skirmish, and all of our blasters are only slightly modded, if at all; the most we've really done is taken out ARs so I'm pretty sure nobody's breaking 50 feet.

In Topic: The New Xbox Experience

30 November 2008 - 09:00 PM

I don't have a 360 (yet), but I plan on getting one soon and I've played around with both firmwares so I figure I might as well throw in my two cents based on what I've seen. I don't see why anyone's saying this--or any--system menu is copying the Wii, because there's really no similarity at all, at least in terms of menu layout, nor will there be until someone else has the balls to implement an infrared pointer in their controller. It's really more like the Cross Media Bar (aka PSP, PS3, and several high-end Sony TVs, apparently) but turned on its side. Now, I like the XMB and think that turning it on its side makes it even better, but what was so bad about blades that they had to go (for the most part; there was one menu where I saw them make a brief cameo, but don't ask me to remember which one it was)? There was something I really liked about the original blade menu. It gave everything a place. The only change I would have made would have been to use shoulder triggers to move between the blades instead of left/right, so that they could have menus that allow you to scroll the cursor across both dimensions. Sure, you might lose the ability to navigate menus with Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers, but if they gave X/Y the same functions in menus as LT/RT (or something like that), then even that could be averted.

But enough rambling on the menu layout, now to talk about something a bit more controversial, if it really warrants being called that: the Avatars, or the Miis as many would call them with thick sarcasm. As a Wii owner, I can honestly say that I enjoy Miis, in both concept and execution, so I don't really have a problem with Avatars, apart that they could have been a bit more unique in style. That said, there's one thing that bugs me about the Miis, and that thing is how infrequently they're used in games. I'm not asking all games to adopt the Miis' art style, but WarioWare and Mario Kart showed that you can take the Mii data and interpret it to look a bit different from how it shows up on the Mii Channel. If you could make it look a little different, you could probably make it look a lot different. What if there were a function in the Wii version of Guitar Hero World Tour, for example, that let you "import" a Mii as a custom character? The game could be programmed with Create-A-Rocker equivalents for the different facial features in the Mii Channel and switch in those equivalents (placed as close to their original positions as the system allows), take the closest approximation for hair, eye, and skin colors, and give you that as a starting point, which you could tweak as desired. That would be a hell of a lot more appealing than Mii Freestyle, anyway.

Okay, I'll admit that was a bit of a tangent, but the point is this: I hope that 360 games are capable of doing more with Avatars than Wii games have done with Miis. By "more", I don't mean in terms of quantity; there are plenty of Wii games that have a use for Miis interpreted exactly (or at least near-exactly) as they appear on the Mii Channel, but few, if any, that make more creative use of them. Hell, you could even have an RPG that somehow determines your character's backstory or class or some such based on the Avatar tied to your Gamertag.

tl;dr The new menu is fine, but why get rid of the blades? And the Avatars are fine, if a bit too similar to Miis, but let's not just see them stagnate on the Dashboard.

In Topic: Rapid Fire 20 Question

17 November 2008 - 06:11 PM

I usually use 25, I think I've gone as high as 30 without the OPV going off (mine's stock).

In Topic: Recons Recalled

15 November 2008 - 09:52 PM

Really? I've heard the complaints about dead space, but I didn't realize it was that much dead space.
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