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Tech Shot Integration

01 January 2009 - 10:00 PM

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this is a writeup explaining how to integrate a pocket blaster with a tech shot

3" cpvc
tech shot
pocket blaster

tools: (required)
Philips head screw driver

tools:(not required but helpful)
hot glue gun

1. remove all the screws holding the pocket blaster closed

2. cut the end off the barrel off the pocket blaster and drill out the peg the dart sits on.
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3.make the following cuts on the tech shots shell, this is where the barrel of the pocket blaster will be
Posted Image

4.open the tech shot and pull out the barrel and plunger assembly
Posted Image

5. the barrel should pull right off from the plunger tube,then slide the cpvc over where the barrel used to be, it should fit perfectly glue it on if you want.
Posted Image
Posted Image

6. replace the plunger and barrel assembly and make these cuts to the inside of both sides of the shells,
when cutting the hole for the pocket blasters trigger only cut out the bottom of the shell
the pic wouldn't work so here is a link

7 place the pocket blaster in the area that used to hold extra darts, glue it in if it moves around too much.
Posted Image

8. close the case and put the screws back in.
tada! a fully modified and integrated tech shot

tech TARGET 50FT
pocket blaster ?

(it is possible to mod and integrate these guns using only a saw and a screwdriver)

First Robotics

10 December 2008 - 04:54 PM

Is anyone in the first robotics Competition? i am on team ursa major

this is the first clue as to what this years competition is.this is where another clue is at http://www.usfirst.o...nt.aspx?id=7700

we will also be to Chessie this year.