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Bbb Arrows?

28 October 2005 - 03:20 AM

I generally use my nerf guns for indoor stuuf right now so I stick with stock ammo (largely because I do not have the stuff I need to do decent mods while I am at my college dorms). Has anyone actaully seen extra arrow packs for the BBB anywhere? I picked one up a few weeks ago and after pulling teh air restrictors love it for indoor fights, but find I would like some extra ammo, especially sicne one of teh arrows has already been ruined.

Is The At2k Worth Modding?

19 September 2005 - 08:07 PM

On a whim I picked up the two fro $5 at2k's from Target and I know they are crappy guns, but for the price it was hard to pass up. Is it worth it to do single barrel mods as I am planning, or should I just keep them on hand to give to unsuspecting people who decide they want to nerf with me?

Preparing For War

13 September 2005 - 10:24 PM

Although I have loved nerf guns for years I have only recently considered it as a more serious hobby. Right now my friends and I are prepping to have a small nerf battle (most likely indoors) and we have set out to acquire more guns. Personally I am seeking ideas for armments.

Personally I am not very good with a rifle in hand, but I tend to be deadly with pistols so I am figuring on going with twin pistols for my weapons (we are allowing up to two guns per person). Likely the nightfinder will be one of those options and am looking for reccomendations for my secondary firearm. Unluckily I do not think I can get the ideal Lock n Load, but I could proply get my hands on some other quality pistols through ebay. Any ideas?

On a side note I do have an old Arrowstorm I would be wiilling to use just because I like it a lot despite my inaccuracy, but I do not have the tools on had to mod it to make it truely worth while.

Maverick Mod Question

13 September 2005 - 09:34 PM

Hi all, I am new around here. I picked up a Maverick mostly because it is just a unique and fun gun and recently decided to try and mod it. I already have removed the restrictors and am just debating on a way to fill up the space (hot glue or foam stuffing), and next on the list it removing the nubs so the turret swings all the way out.

My question concerns the spring and plunger. Is it possible to replace the spring (supposing i can find one to fit) or is such an act not advisable? Also, I am going to try and pick up some silicone lube for the plunger and wanted to know if it was worth it or not?

I did use the forum search and did not find any answers to these questions, but if there are and I missed them I apoligize.