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C.A.N.D.Y. SoCal costume war

18 September 2017 - 01:29 PM

C - an

A - ll

N - erfers

D - escribe

Y - esterday


When: Oct 28th 10am - 4:30ish pm


Ole Hammer Park
440 N. Live Oak Ave
Glendora, CA 91741

-YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR A COSTUME. If you show up with one, however, you will be eligible to win some goofy prizes. 

-Remember to consider how "nerf-friendly" your costume is if you plan on playing in it.

-There will be prizes for costumes. Who will win the coveted SQUIDBOAT trophy for 'best costume'? There could be other winners, but only if enough people show up in costume.

-Be sure to bring water, money for lunch, a costume if you want, darts, blasters to use, and as always, a good attitude. 

-standard socal rules apply.

Got questions? post 'em here. 

[CA]OUTOFBOX lite mod war

06 March 2017 - 05:52 PM

O - utsiders 

U -  nder

T -  raining

O -  btusley

F -  ace

B -  eing

O -  ver

eX - emplified 


Yep... Its that time of year where we at S.C.U.N. hold our annual NIB/Stock/"Low-Tech on-the-spot Modding" Event. Yes, this is a "Stock Event" similar to a N.I.B. war but not quite as strictly aimed at using a brand new blaster, as it is going back to a time where you couldn't "science" a nerf gun beyond "slap a crayola marker on it"

Like every Stock War We've done, there will be about a half hour of “Field Modding Time” using the most “basic” of nerf modding supplies:

  • Hand tools like Screwdrivers, small hacksaws, pliers, wire cutters, x-acto knives or boxcutters, leatherman tool, hand drills, etc.
  • Electrical Tape/Duct Tape etc
  • Most Adhesives (includes Epoxy Putty, Super Glue, Plumber's Goop)
  • Rubber Bands/Mini bungee
  • Crayola Barrels or similar objects.
  • a 2k Pump tube is an acceptable way to mod something for Arrows.
  • Electronic mods to flywheel guns are allowed, this ranges from basic higher voltage batteries all the way to full motor replacement.

NO PVC or other Pipe/Tubing WILL BE ALLOWED.

Naturally, there will still be some safety bans, IE no making titans shoot micros. But pretty much anything else is fair game. Bring as many or as few blasters as you'd like, by leaving the ammo stock, we should have a fairly level playing field whatever you bring. Also you're allowed to bring any blasters that are already modded to these specifications, be it because you did it for one of the previous stock wars, or felt like modding in advance.

NOTE: If you want to make sure you have maximum recovery of your own stock ammo do something to CLEARLY IDENTIFY IT AS YOURS  I.E. Baghead uses neon pink marking stickers on his Vortex Discs and neon Pink sharpie dots on his Rival Balls. 

We'll start this earlier than usual, so that modding time doesn't cut too much into our playing time, so try to show up by 9:30 AM

The Date is SET as March 25th


21601 Snow Creek Dr

Walnut, CA 91789


Unlike our previous location for this annual event we don't have a conveniently located pizza place... but we do have several shops/restaurants surprisingly close to the location so I suggest you bring monies and or food and have everything you need to stay well hydrated. Hope to see you guys there.

T.R.I.C.K.S. Southern California costume war

08 October 2016 - 06:10 PM

T - ry

R - emembering

I - f

C - alifornia

K - eeps

S - urprises



When: October 22nd 10am - 4:30ish pm

Where: Pioneer Park

14264-18208 East Sierra Madre Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702


-YOU NEED TO WEAR A COSTUME. If you show up without one you will be given a lame loaner costume, be shunned, and probably be the brunt of everyone's jokes throughout the day. 

-Remember to consider how "nerf-friendly" your costume is. You'll be expected to play at least one round in your full costume, then you're welcome to take off some stuff that makes things too hot, or just plain uncomfortable. But it's best if you plan to have a costume that won't need any alterations throughout the day. 

-If possible, try to bring some candy to share with everyone.

-There will be prizes for costumes. Who will win the coveted SQUIDBOAT trophy for 'best costume'? There will be other winners, but the categories are still undecided.

-Be sure to bring water, money for lunch, a costume, darts, blasters to use, and as always, a good attitude. 

-standard socal rules apply.

Got questions? post 'em here. 

2010 - Apollo256 - Speed Racer
2011 - Axelion_burnout - Finn the Human 
2012 - Apollo256 - Corporate Pirate
2013 - Baghead - Male Pokemon Trainer X/Y
2014 - omitted due to low attendence
2015 - Azrael - Marty McFly

2017 - ?????

S.L.I.D.E. socal war

21 June 2016 - 06:59 PM

S - ometimes

L - egitamate

I - dlers

D - on't

E - ngage


Where: Santiago Park
Memory Ln
Santa Ana, CA 92706
google maps: 33.775241,-117.85964

When: July 9th
10 am to 4:30ish

What to have: non banned blasters and darts as per socal rules
food or money for some
good attitude

Questions? post em here 
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P.A.T,RIOT Socal war

03 February 2016 - 08:29 PM

P - eople

A - re

T - ired,



When: Feb 20th 10am-4:30ish


Stanton Elementary School
725 S Vencino Dr
Glendora, CA 91740


-Be sure to bring water, money for lunch, darts, blasters to use, and as always, a good attitude. 

-standard socal rules apply.


-some new game types may be tested at this event.

Got questions? post 'em here.