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In Topic: Hey!

19 March 2003 - 10:45 AM

Well, my real innitials are JCW, so I use that. But, I am a christian, so If
you wanna think about it that way, then you can. It works both ways.
But, I am not trying to start a religeon war, so lets not get all petty about
it. I mainly picked it, because it's easy to remember because it's my AIM
screen name. So....yeah. I am not some freak who is gonna be preaching
to the boards everyday. :huh:

In Topic: What Is The Best First Mod

18 March 2003 - 10:26 PM


Cheap, available gun so if you screw it up it's not so bad.

Huge improvement - adds at least 50 feet to the range.

Really? I think the AT2k is much, much harder to mod compared to the SM1500. It takes forever to open. That stupid cap on the pump prevents it.

Dude, it took me a whole 2 minutes to get the cap off.... :huh: