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Ls Problems

21 December 2008 - 04:26 PM

Hey, I’m still kind of new to the haven, have had posts here and there….

Any way down to it, I just added a Recon Spring to my Stock Ls, and I tried putting it back together, and I can arm the gun once and fire, but the bolt gets stuck forward, so I reopened up the gun and found out (With the help of CS’s Long shot Internals pic) that the Bolt Lock is preventing the long bottom piece of the bolt sled from coming back.

What did I do wrong? Am I missing a piece? And yes I have tried typing in my problem in the search engine in many different ways
“Bolt-Sled Problems”
“Long shot fires once”

And yes i went to the "Modifying a Longshot?" Thread

I would post Pictures, but I have no camera, sorry.

Anyone help?

A link to Captain Slug’s Pic for reference: http://nerfhaven.com...?showtopic=7527 Post # 6

Aloha for the Help!,
Nerf 808

Integrating The Vulcan In To A Squad

17 August 2008 - 12:13 AM

(Was decideing between this topic and the Nerf Wars Topic, if it is wrong then please say so and i can repost it there)

Well i recently brought my Vulcan to an Outside war, we squaded up and devided, Now this was a bit different because i usually bring along a Longshot or Recon.

Well i got destoryed the first 2 rounds because of the dreadful reloading time, but when we played CTF i destyoryed them with the stationary Vulcan.

My question is, what the best way to Integrate an Vulcan in to a four man squad?

my Squads plan was to have one person guard me so when i need to reload he can cover me while i change belts.

but most of you on here are Veteran Nerfers, and have alot of experence, so i'm asking for your ideas and opinions.

Can it be done?


Nerfing In Hawaii

26 July 2008 - 10:52 PM

Hey, Me and the MRD team from the Rock in the middle of the Ocean would love to say hi to everyone on Nerf Haven !

I'm new to the haven, and i have a couple posts here and there...

We have been Nerfing for about 5 years, starting when we were 7th Graders in Middle School, me and my team have a fair armory (comared to the people on here) .

We mainly play outside, we have had some inside battles.....but those were disasters. Well anywho this is how we play....

-2 Hits till death anywhere on the Body, (Except Head= 1 Hit Kill)

- Each Combatitant is only allowed, 1 Main Weapon, 1 side arm, and one melee weapon (PVC Sword and the Such)

- Once you are out you must return to the Gathering area and you must not talk to other "alive" players.

-Picking up weapons from other people is accepted only if it's from your team.

-Camelbak's are allowed as long as they are not being used to hide extra weapons (the people with them are searched before games starts)

-Raidos are used to talk to the other team ONLY in emergencies, and to signal the other team that they are ready.

Now some Gametypes...

Standard Deathmatch-
the standard kill eachother match, the teams are split up evenly and the match begins after the teams raido eachother that there team is ready. Match ends when one side is elimnated, if you are the last one on one side you can choose to surrender (but nobody does). this is Played at Night and Day

"Vietnam"/Or Convoy-
Where we play there is a Long Side walk that snakes it's way to the top of a hill, this is where this game type comes in. there are 2 teams of an equal number, one team is the "Convoy" (Or Anericans) they start at the bottom and have to make there way to the top (or vice versa). they have a "package" on a teammate, the package is usualy a box in a backpack (so you cant hide it). the other team the "Guerrillas"( Or VC) can Ambush the "Convoy" at any place form the start to the finish of the path. The "Convoy" team must walk up the path ( to prevent the event of the Convoy team cheating and running right off the bat), if they are engaegd, the package carryer can try to make a break for it (he usually dosen't get far). Super fun with alot of people. If the Package carryer is killed then the Guerrilla team gets the V, But if the Package carryer makes it to the end then the "Convoy" team wins. We have played this during the day, but we have yet to try night.

There are 2 teams and 1 "LoneWolf". The First team is the "Base Guard" They have a package that they must protect to the last man, there is one commander on this team, he can appoint people to certian postitions and draw out Patrol routs ect. But when the shooting starts they are free to do as they see fit. then when the Lonewolf retreats they must return to there asigned post (unless repostitioned to another place)

The Second Team is a band of "Rebels" they hide somewhere in the area, they are like an handycap for the base guard. if the LoneWolf decides to he can ask them to help him engage the guard in combat, destract them etc., the only way that they can fight otherwise is if the base guard find them and attack first.

The Lonewolf is like the "Spy" he must get in, take the objective, then make it out alive, as said before, he can have the "rebels" help him or he can fly solo, what ever the choice is, if he is killed the game ends.

Well thats how we do it here in Oahu, thanks for reading and have a nice day !