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Thank You

09 August 2003 - 07:48 PM

I would like to vent my frustration after a day of very fun paintball, yet disapointing. We played 15 games, 1 of which was in the woods, the rest, speedball. After using almost 1000 balls, and figuring out that i has become flat broke, Ibecame disappointed. In that 1 20 minute game in the woods I used 50 balls. The rest I would use a hundred depending on how long you stay in. What really did it though was the fact that there were 10 or so high end marker toting 10-12 year olds. The guns included a few dark angels, and mostly SP cockers, and they had a couple cases of paint and the other high end gear that went with it. DO NOT tell me that these kids bought those!!! Or paid for anything that day. I can strip my gun down with my eyes closed (I have tried it). They probaly woundnt know where to start. I also buy everything involved in my paintball outings, every penny comes from hard work cutting grass.

What I am trying to say is thank you for not letting huge companies take away the game we all love and turing it into a highly commercialized high dollar joke that has been trapped in this little speedball corner that will never really cahnge back. WE are able to play how ever we want, whenever we want, and no one to tell us that we can't. Also our guns are our own, we customize them and work and tire to make them better so that means we take a lot of pride in them. hopefully.

I do not want to bash paintball at all because I do enjoy speed ball, but just in moderation as with any sport. And i know high dollar 12 year olds do exist in nerf, but are not as frequent.

Important! Silencer Information

16 July 2003 - 01:34 PM

This is an exert from the APG e-zine edited by Dave Norman

this seemed really improtant since it could posibly deal with us

SILENCERS Or sound suppressors for paintball markers are considered
"firearm silencers" by the federal BATF, and by the laws of various
states. Illegal possession of such a device is a felony, with the
penalty being quite a few years in a federal pen. If the device will
lower the sound (noise level) of a firearm even one (1) decibel, it
can be classified as a silencer under federal law. Consult your local
attorney for further information about the federal and state laws
regarding silencers.

Project Nerf Cocker

25 June 2003 - 10:30 PM

First off I would like to grant credit to the guy who invented the front block for the autococker cocking system. Second, this design for the pneumatics was heavily influenced by the above front block

I am working on a gun that is electric, 2 solenoids, 1 open/held closed, 1 closed/held open. The open one closes a split second before the closed one opens. there is also a small chamber for the air without draining your tank. the tank is 4'' PVC with a 2 way coupler w/2 ball valves built into the coupler which will be built into the tank. One of the sides will be hooked to the gun for caonstant air, the other will be a stem valve inside an endcap to fill without unhooking your tank and so you can also close it off if you get a leak. The other ballvalve could be shut so you can take the tank off with the tank still pressurized. It would be hooked up behind the the solenoid valves but against your shoulder like a spyder via a cheap form of a bottom line hose made of heavy rubber hose.

The trigger will be homemade out of pvc and will work on electrical relay that is house right above the trigger, the batteries will be housed in an aluminum box that is use for electrical switches.

Now the pneumatics. They are still in design, but they are going to be hooked up on the back for cocking with a similar setup like the autococker, but slightly modified, These would be activated by the cocking rod hooked to the trigger, like the original. The shells are going to be ejected from the top and fed from the bottom via clip that i am going to design and keep secret. But when the bolt gets to a certain point a spring loaded flipper will eject the shell from the top and the bolt will close again putting the next shell into place.

If you havn't noticed yet im a tech junkie that loves mechanics and ballistics. Anyway coment, critique and qutestion, i still need to fine tune my plans before building. See ya.

Food Guns (potato, Carrot?(yes!)

08 June 2003 - 10:07 PM

I have figured out a way to build a carrot gun that has a stock, is bolt action, and opens the bolt for reloadind right after being fired from its own kick. I will tell more later about how it works, why I decided carrots and if it will work. (for this i will be consulting a mechanical engineering major from university of Missouri Rolla(great engineering school))

Anyway, has any one built a very good potato gun or decided to build another type of fruit gun.
A catholic seminarian thought it would be cool to build a pineapple gun, while I wanted to do a coconut gun.

Reasons: carrots are cheap and a silencer can be built for the smaller size gun witch can also be built out of metal parts, also the shear concept of shooting food over a quarter mile.

Thats about it please post.

New Spyder Reciever

06 April 2003 - 05:10 PM

I want to replace my spyder sport reciever because it is plastic and the feed neeck is in the way of the site rail. Would a spyder compact receier fit with my old internals and bolt?