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#360928 Stryfe voltage mod questions

Posted by dangman4ever on 07 July 2017 - 03:18 AM

Instead of imr batteries, I've decided to go with ultrafires as they are much cheaper. I know that they are no where near as good as imrs, but I can't spend a lot on batteries now... It looks like I will use two ultrafires and two dummy batteries (roughly 7.4 volts). I just have four more questions: 1. For bypassing the thermistor, the goal is to make the two wires touch, right? So I can either twist them together, or connect them with a wire right (e tape a wire in place)? 2. Would running 7.4 volts hurt the internals drastically? I don't want burnt wires or anything... Although, the motors will probably burn out eventually. 3. How long do my internals have before dying? 4. What fps should I expect with 7.4 volts?

If you're worried about cost of $10 shipped for 2 EFEST IMR batteries, that tells me that you can't afford to replace the internals of the Stryfe when they die. Which means you shouldn't be doing this mod in the first place. 

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#360894 Stryfe voltage mod questions

Posted by dangman4ever on 03 July 2017 - 03:31 PM

I agree 2 IMRs should be fine and 3 IMRs might be pushing however, i have no idea if this will or whether it will break or stryfe but maybe if you want max voltage without burning out the motors maybe you could run 2 IMRs 1 regular Duracell and 1 dummy could possibly give you max voltage without blowing out your motors but take my word for it I have no idea if this would work.  

In general, you don't mix battery chemistries like that. You massively increase the risk of fire/burns that way. So two IMRs and two dummys or four duracells. Don't mix the two. 

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