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10kg firestrike spring?

04 August 2018 - 01:04 AM

Hey everyone, hoping someone here can point me in the direction of a ~10kg spring for a Firestrike.

I currently have an OMW 7kg firestrike/strongarm spring and brass barrel in my firestrike and trying to find a slightly heavier spring but not finding any heavier firestrike/strongarm springs. I'm not a fan of cut to length darts due to the last coil not being flat, and would muuuuch rather support a nerf parts company, so I would prefer a firestrike/strongarm specific spring if possible.

If any of you know of any firestrike or strongarm springs that are stronger than my current omw 7kg spring plleeeaaasssee let me know.
Thank you!

lowest Amp 130 motors?

26 July 2018 - 01:05 PM

Hey everyone, I'm hoping you all can help me find the lowest amp 130 motors, aside from stock motors. I am looking for motors with the 2 mounting holes to attach to an aftermarket cage, but trying to find some with low amp/stall current for a small battery for an entry level/loaner blaster. Seems like mtb rhino as far as I can tell.

"new" worker abs flywheels?

19 June 2018 - 03:37 PM

Hello everyone, I'm hoping you all can school me on the newer Worker abs plastic flywheels. I currently use the older white concave vertical toothed Worker flywheels in my stryfe and love them, but am curious if there is a difference between the older white one and newer black abs concave vertical tooth worker flywheels other than color? Also noticed you can get the black abs concave worker wheels with either vertical teeth like the old white ones, or with diagonal teeth. What if any differnce would vertical teeth vs diagonal teeth have?
Are the newer blcak abs wheels as light as the older white abs wheels?
Please school me on these wheels.

Worker "130d" motors?

02 October 2017 - 03:22 PM

Hey guys I bought the Worker non-canted flywheel cage "kit" (cage, wheels, "130d motors", barrel, switch, wiring) for my stryfe. I really like the "kit" other than the metal wheels (using Worker plastic wheels instead) and not knowing anything about the motors (using stock stryfe motors for now)

Any of you know anything about these "Worker 130d motors"? Are they meant to be a slight upgrade while still using stock AA batteries? Are they meant to be used with Imr batteries, or 2s/3s lipo?

I have no clue how to read Chinese or even begin to research it which is why I'm hoping someone here happens to know.

Please let me know if you have ANY info on these "Worker 130d motors".
Thank you!

barricade motors vs stryfe

07 August 2017 - 04:16 AM

Hey everyone, I've always read that barricade motors are the "best" stock nerf motors, but wondering if that was only true at the time that the stockade was brand new, or if it still applies after the stryfe, rapidstrike, modulus, demolisher etc have been released.

Ill soon be doing a barricade/stockade hybrid, and rewiring my stryfe and wondering if the stock barricade motors would perform better than stock stryfe motors.

What are the "hottest" stock 130 nerf motors? Are any better than stock stryfe motors?

Plz let me know. Thanks.