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Singled Titan And Hvz

08 January 2009 - 01:31 PM

So my school has a club that does things like HvZ and Assassins. Normally, it's all good. We run around Penn State with Nerf guns, garnering looks of confusion from 95% of the students. Fun, right?

A few days ago, some new member asks if he can use a singled Titan in HvZ. I, apparently being the only member of the club that spends any amount of time on NIC message boards or forums, immediately say no. Other people are quick to say "Let's test it out" and "we've allowed modded BBB." Most of the time during HvZ, if you need to shoot someone, they are within spitting distance to you. A Titan at that range seems like a disaster, lawsuit, and assault case waiting to happen. Am I the only sane person with a Nerf gun left in State College?

Pinned Painting Thread

14 April 2008 - 01:48 PM

Shortly after my account was validated, I had trouble finding information about painting through the search function, so I started a new thread. As it turned out, I wasn't the only one with questions about paint.

Could we possibly have a stickied/pinned painting guide in the modification forum? With a Mod directory already pinned, it seems fair to include a guide to painting, especially with the number of people who had questions like I did.

If I am out of line in suggesting this, I am sorry. I just thought it would be very helpful in the future.

Painting And Logos

27 March 2008 - 10:09 PM

This is my first post on these boards, so I am sorry if I am breaking any rules. I searched for this information, but got nothing, so I m now asking. As I am modifying 2 Mavericks I have (1 of which may end up helping me design a functional speed loader) and there is already a thread in this forum about paint job pictures, I figured this was the right place to post my questions.

First off, can anyone recommend a way to remove the big, embossed Nerf logos of the side of a gun? I thought of using a mouse sander because I could be more precise but I am afraid I might overdo it and damage the gun shell, and the idea of sitting down with varying grits of sand paper and working for who knows how long makes me shudder.

Second, as far as painting goes, what do you recommend as a spray paint to use? Any particular brand? Is primer necessary? And what would you recommend for marking off areas I don't want painted a certain color (masking tape, blue painter's tape, etc)?

I appreciate any help you can offer in my endeavor towards becoming a decent nerf modifier.