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Longstrike Easy Detach Bolt Handle

25 January 2017 - 06:23 PM

Here's how you make it easy to take off your Longstrike bolt handles. This is especially useful if yours is modded and you need to crack it often. This, IN THEORY, should work on the Longshot and TriStrike since I believe their bolt handles are the same, but correct me if I'm wrong.

hammer or flathead screwdriver (to remove the bol thandles from the Longstrike)
phillips head screwdriver
small saw/leatherman with saw/other cutting tool
sharpie, color doesn't matter (optional, but recommended)


1. Remove bolt from Longstrike. No pics because it's kinda hard to take a pic of and should be pretty self explanatory. We're modifying the female end of the handle.



2. Remove these 2 screws and take off the faceplate.



3. You should be faced with this piece with these 4 slits. This is what we'll be modifying.


4. Cut each of the slits down further. Note that the more you cut, the easier the handle will come off. At most, cut 1/8" down.



5. Reassemble bolt handle by doing the reverse of disassembly.


6. (Optional) Mark the bolt handle so you know that it is the female, easy to detach side if you have to disassemble your Longstrike in the future.


7. Replace bolt handle onto male end of bolt handle on Longstrike.

Note that since this makes the bolt handle easier to remove, it may come off if you're really rough when priming or require a lot of force because of a spring mod. I would suggest setting up your bolt so that you prime with the male end of the handle, and not the modified side.

Need Apollo Help!

21 January 2017 - 03:21 PM

So I finally decided to mod my Apollo. Popped it open, took out the AR, took out the locks, put it back together, and it worked fine, for like 10 mins. The charging handle would slide freely, and engage the chamber, but not prime. Opened it up again. The weak middle  gear got stripped some, so I fixed that. closed up the gearbox and tried to prime, didn't work. Realigned the gears and that weird sliding ratchet teeth thing, and it did prime - kinda. It'll prime back, but once the charging handle is about 80% back, it'll fire, regardless of the catch or trigger or anything. Once it does this, the sliding gears are out of alignment and then it's basically inoperable again until I realign it.

I have no idea what to do.

EDIT: after manually pushing the plunger back, it caught, and fired, meaning the problem is in the gearbox (I'm thinking that the gears slipped and let the plunger drop when it was mostly primed). Looked at the gears again and the middle gear (between the large main gear and the flanged gear) is totally fried and unusable. Does anyone make replacements of these? Otherwise I need a donor Apollo or this gun is done forever.

Recon Mk2 Not Working

29 February 2016 - 10:59 PM

So I just bought a Recon Mk2, and I figured that it would be the new one that accepted the 18-dart stick mags.
unfortunately, I was wrong.

How can I contact Nerf to get me a compatible one, or how can I fix this via mods?

I spent $25 on something incompatible with 3/4s of what I use, I really need help here.

Vulcan Issues

22 December 2015 - 12:21 AM

So I was digging through my old guns after getting back into Nerf, and I found my old Vulcan, yay! So I loaded up the belt, hooked on the ammo box, put in new batteries, and tried to fire. Nothing. Re-tried the switch. Nothing. So then I tried the manual fire, and it worked, sort of. I can pull the bolt back and prime, but the trigger does nothing sometimes, so then I have to pull the bolt back again to fire. But I attribute that to it being old. I really want the full auto to work so I can use this in a war. It is of note that this blaster is FULLY stock, completely unmodified. And, the feed mech/loading door/priming mech works fine. I'd really prefer not to open this beast, as I am terrible with electric guns.

Edit: Just checked, there's no corrosion on the battery contact springs, so that's out. Any thoughts? 

What Is This?

20 December 2015 - 05:27 PM

So I was going through all my nerf guns, for ones to sell, taking pictures, etc. and I found this; 

kHozg43.jpgI remember having this blaster, (the one on the right), and I have seen them for sale before, but I can't look up a price if I don't know what it is. Thanks in advance, guys.

I'd post a listing for all this stuff on the Trading forum if I could, but don't have the rank yet.