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3d sledgefire scan

07 May 2018 - 12:20 PM

I was wondering if anyone has scanned a sledgefire. Not the shells it uses, but the blaster shell itself, if not, would anyone who has a 3d scanner be willing to scan the shell for me. I can send the sledgefire. Pm me if youd be willing to

Rifled barrels

09 March 2018 - 11:45 AM

So I am looking for a scar barrel for my longshot and after looking at multiple sites I have settled on the BlasterTECH mk2. My question is; is there a distributor in the states and is there anybody with experience buying rifled muzzle devices that can tell me their opinion on the current options- monkeymods blasterforge non stringed, jetx zro, jspb zlin, BlasterTECH mk 1 and 2, and any others I might have missed.

Sling fire gear files

02 March 2018 - 09:28 AM

I was just wondering if anyone who has scanned the slingfire gear train could post a link to the files for them.

On a side note, is 100 infil pla or abs stronger then the grey gears in the stock gear train. Im doing a repair on my slingfire, the gear that connects the lever gear to the other big gear sheared a tooth off because my brother doesnt know that if its stopped solid, stop pushing.

Slingfire mod guide writeup

26 February 2018 - 05:30 PM

First post lets go. By the way, this is all done post mortem, so I have no before photos, just after photos.

A drill with up to a 9/16 bit
A #1 screwdriver
A Dremel
a pair of side cutters)
A rotary pipe cutter
A file
A hammer
Epoxy putty
A penknife
a pair of needle-nose pliers

A slingfire
Small screws
A spring of your choice(dont go above a 6kg load) that is the same dimensions or smaller as the stock slingfire spring
Some 9/16 brass
Some 17/32 brass
Felt pads
A standard nerf barrel attachment point of your choice
if you can find an o-ring that fits the plunger head get that too

Lets go
this first part will cover performance mods, the second part will cover the aesthetics mods I did
Take apart your slingfire, the first thing you want to do is take Apart the gearbox, remove the lever. First thing we are gonna do is lock the clutch. Drill four holes in the clutch, two through the teeth, and two on either side ninety degrees from the ones you drilled through the teeth, either countersink those holes before you put screws in, or use a file or Dremel to grind down the screws after. Screw your small screws in, and cut off the part that hangs out on the bottom, and if you didnt countersink your holes, grind down the heads enough so it will fit in the gearbox without rubbing. Should look like this-
Next thing you wanna do is take apart the boltsled-bolt assembly. Drill out the ar and dart post, and then bore out the bolt with the 9/16 drill bit. Do it slowly so you dont wreck it. Fit your 9/16 brass in, cut itwith the rotary pipe cutter, and then glue it in. Wait for the glue to set and then get your Dremel. Dremel the brass flush with the thinnest part but DONT DREMEL PAST THE PART WHERE IT GETS TO A HALFPIPE, THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR A GOOD AIR SEAL. After youve done that, stick a magazine with a dart in there and slide a piece of 17/32 down the muzzle until it sits flush with the inside of the magazine, put your bolt and boltsled but not the plunger tube in and slide it all the way back, get a look at how much space there is between the end of the dart and the beginning of the brass. Dremel the brass flush with the halfpipe up to that point. Check it again and repeat until you can slide the bolt back all the way and the dart springs into the breach. When you are done, your breach should look like this
Next you want to take the bolt out. Slide a dart into the breach, then slide a piece of 17/32 into the back of the breach until the head of the dart is sticking out, this is to seat the dart into the front of the breach, providing a better air seal. Mark the 17/32, and then cut it with the rotary pipe cutter. Us the pliers to flair the edge of the 17/32 you just cut in to create a dart stop. Glue it into the back of the breach.
Now for the plunger tube. Somehow remove the orange lip on the plunger tube. Take the plunger rod and if you got an o-ring, now is the time to install it. Then take your padding and cut it to size, then glue it on to the plunger head. Grease it and put it back in the plunger tube

Now take your trigger out. Bust out the Dremel again and shave down the top front and the bottom back of the slot that the bolt sled slides through. You want to shave it down until you can deprime the blaster. It should look something like this-
Now take a look at the front of the breach, take the muzzle and the receiver out and remove everything from it until you just have the green plastic piece. Put the green piece back in the shell and take a piece of 17/32 and, with a magazine in push it down the barrel until it is flush with the inside of the magazine. Mark about two inches in front of the green piece. Cut it at the mark. Wrap e-tape around it until it is snug in the green piece while still being flush with the inside of the magazine. Now mix up a small amount of epoxy putty and put it in the hole that the dart door occupied, it should look like this-
Now take a 4 inch piece of 9/16 and Dremel slots parallel with the tube all the way around about a half inch from the bottom, this is to disperse muzzle blast. See the science behind this here- http://nerfhaven.com...f-scar-barrels/. Glue this onto the front of the 17/32 brass with the longer section of brass facing out, make sure the slots are ahead of the end of the 17/32. It should look like this
Assemble the bolt sled-breach assembly. Mix up some epoxy putty, and put it into the boltsled like this-
Put all the internals back in the blaster. Put your upgrade spring in at this time, I used a cut down Magnus spring as well as the stock spring. You are done! Reassemble your slingfire and wreak lever action havoc on your enemies or your siblings if you live in Minnesota and there are no wars near you:(

Second part go!!!
This will cover aesthetics mods I did.
First off, moving the mag release. I dont like the slingfire mag release. Its too far forward for me, so I moved it back. taking a look at it, you should see how it was done
Next- n-strike barrel attachment point. Open the shell, and take out the muzzle. JUST THE MUZZLE.now shell cutting. Use a pair of side cutters or a Dremel and cut off the first screw port. Like this
Now take your n-strike attachment point, cut it down to fit in the hole youve just made. Mix up some epoxy putty, and epoxy it in place like this.
Now lets make it internal magazine fed. You may ask, why do this? I am not in possession of a lot of magazines and have like no money to buy any from China or wherever. Also, its more realistic if you want to do extensive aesthetics mods to make it look like an actual Henry rifle. First things first take whatever mag you want to use, and cut the lip so it looks like this-
Now more shell cutting- cut out the jam door port so it looks like this-
Now take the bolt, cut off the skinny bit about a quarter inch in out from where it widens. It should look like this.
Now you have a internal magazine fed, modular blaster that can deliver the hits. Have fun, kick ass, and fuck shit up.
Ellie le nerficorn