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In Topic: a few newbie questions about Stryfe mods

27 February 2015 - 08:53 PM

Is there any Canadian here? Where can we get supply like batteries,chargers and maybe even motors online? Hobbyking is charging like 30$ for shipping and couldnt find a half decent canadian store...

In Topic: a few newbie questions about Stryfe mods

25 February 2015 - 07:56 PM

Just like BlasterHacker said, I have been looking around a lot to find those kind of answer!

@Droid, thanks for sharing, unfortunately I dont have anything to cut the shell making the use of 180s impossible. Also, I couldnt see the battery pack since ebay Canada blocked that link.

I have read about the 14500 batteries route but decided to not go there at first since a lot of user were against it. This is why I choose the LiPo way looking at something like this which would fit in the stock battery tray. The only thing is that I do not own any LiPo charger and paying 40$ for a nerf blaster charger seems like a lot(when all I do is shoot at my house and class mates). On the other side, if 14500 are giving similar performance(I am guessing that the current is still lower than LiPo giving a longer recovry time) for a fraction of the cost, maybe they are the way to go.

On the same topic, is there anything to look for in a 14500 bat charger?? there is some on fasttech for like 5$...I am gonna set anything on fire? And is there any difference in quality between ultrafire and trustfire?

For the motors, once the stock ones die, should I look for hyper dash or torqued tuned tamiyas?? Again, very little quantitative conclusion were found xD

And thanks to everyone for the to-the-point answers